Kings District RCMP Safety Tips For Kids Playing in the Snow

Kings District RCMP would like to advise that as we clean up from a hefty snowfall and pass the middle of snow fall season, children need to be educated and aware of the dangers of playing in the snow as snow removal equipment clear the areas roadways and sidewalks.

With the past weekend providing a large amount of snow children will become excited about playing, hiking or sliding in the snow and may not be aware of heavy equipment clearing streets, roads and sidewalks. With snow and ice it is difficult for vehicles and heavy equipment to stop and very difficult to see children in the snow or who may be between snow banks.

Please keep in mind the following safety tips:

-Stay away from working snow plows and snow blowers

-Choose a play area away from roads, fences driveways and water

-Wear bright colours when walking or playing in the snow

-Take extra caution as motorists may have visibility issues with frost, snow or condensation

-Don’t build forts or tunnels near driveways and roads. The tunnels may be destroyed by snowplows without knowing a child may be inside. Tunnels could also collapse

-Always try and play in the snow with a friend or with supervision.

-Don’t play in roadside or driveway snow banks.

-If you cannot see the snow plow driver they cannot see you, please attempt to make eye contact with the driver so they know where you are.

Outdoor activities in the snow can be fun and everyone needs some fresh air and activity through the winter months. Please follow these safety tips to assure the safest you can be while enjoying the winter outdoors. Kings District RCMP wish everyone a safe winter snow season. For more information please take time to look at for more winter safety ideas.