Who’s Who: Jesse Roach

Simply The PEST!
Mike Butler

Here is a piece of advice for my readers: sometimes there are benefits to talking to strangers. I, by no means, promote talking to strangers all the time or in unsafe situations but when a tradesperson comes to your workplace or home, it never hurts to strike up a conversation with them: you never know where it will lead! That is how I met and became friends with Jesse Roach. First, how great is that name? I met Mister Roach when he was my pest control person for a previous workspace. I thought I was being had with the name and profession, but it was an awesome coincidence. Jesse was one of the friendliest tradespeople I’d met at my time there. His work ethic and people skills were top notch. It did not surprise me when I heard he branched out and started his own business. Let’s meet him, shall we?

Jesse was born at a very young age (his joke, not mine!) and his father was in the military, so he grew up moving around a lot and was fortunate to spend many of his formative years living all over Nova Scotia, including Greenwood, New Waterford, and Porters Lake.

“When I was 19, I left home, and I had no real direction,” Jess says. “I was a bit hyperactive, along with having some anxiety issues, and I had a really hard time finding where I fit in. While living in Dartmouth I was having a hard time holding down a job as I was easily bored, and I didn’t feel I could find meaning or purpose in what I was doing. I was an artistic type and very cynical. I really enjoyed painting, writing, and playing music and was going with the flow for this part of my life.”

Now comes the sappy part (there’s always a sappy part, eh?). In 2012, Jesse met the love of his life, Kathy, followed her to Windsor and never left. In 2020, Jesse and Kathy were married and together with Kathy’s son and their husky Meeka, they’ve settled nicely into a life of fun.

So, now let’s get to the pest part of this article…oops, I mean BEST! “I’ve worked at every Tim Horton’s in Windsor,” Jess continues, “did a brief stint at Subway, and then finally spent a few years working at the Gold House. Soon after that was when pest control seemingly found me. It was 2016 and I didn’t know that job satisfaction was possible and then pest control grabbed my interest. It was a way to help people, problem-solve, and enjoy the ever-changing scenery. It was a perfect fit for me as someone who has a hard time staying still or doing the same thing every day.”

Jesse spent five years working for one of the largest pest control companies in the world, working his way up to the position of field trainer and supervising large jobs during this time. In 2021, after a lot of hard work and perseverance, Jesse created his own pest control company, Scotia Pest Solutions. With a ton of support from his community, family, and friends, it has been a wonderful experience so far.

In his work Jesse has been lucky to travel up and down Nova Scotia, and at the risk of being unpopular with those living in other parts of the province, Jesse says the Valley is the most beautiful place to live by far, with all the beautiful walking trails, lakes, and wonderful small businesses full of smiling faces.

“When I’m not working,” he says, “I enjoy playing guitar, fishing, and binge-watching silly reality television with my wife Kathy. I guess for the fishing side of things it’s more about getting out and around the Valley, and taking walks around all the beautiful rivers and lakes the Valley has to offer, because to be honest, I never catch anything.”

Jesse, being a new business owner, would love if your reached out with questions or passed his name around to those who might need the services of a pest control expert. Jesse handles all things buggy and insect-like, as well as whatever pest might be trying to take over your house, apartment complex, business, or cottage. I must tell you, Jesse is a genuine professional and a great man who cares about doing the job right the first time. For all commercial and residential pest control issues, Jesse is simply the PEST!

Jesse hopes to continue to grow Scotia Pest Solutions to be the preferred pest control company for Atlantic Canadians. He will keep building off his foundation of honesty, quality, and action, and in doing so creating jobs for other individuals who have the same kind of desire to help people as he does.

Eventually Jesse would like to get back into art again once things level out, or maybe start a small three-piece band. Until then, Jesse is here to make sure you’re not bugged down by ants, wasps, mice, or earwigs.

Call Scotia Pest Solutions at 902 788 3166, email at scotiapestinfo@gmail.com, or visit the website: scotiapest.com. You can also find Scotia Pest Solutions on Facebook. For the BEST of the PEST, call my good friend Jesse!