Avondale Sky, the award-winning rural Nova Scotia winery, has teamed up with Halifax-based podcasting experts Podstarter. Together they have created an audio documentary that captures the ups and downs of the Coutinho family’s bold venture into the wine industry.

Avondale Sky Winery features the voices of the owners, staff, customers, and community, to piece together a tale of a family learning how to successfully run a winery from scratch. Over the course of 4 episodes, the listener is taken from the moment the family discovered the opportunity to its first post-pandemic event two years later.

“In business, anytime you can learn something new every day, work side-by-side with your family and have fun doing it, you are already successful. The story of how our family and our business got here is perfectly told thanks to the expertise of the Podstarter team. There will be at least one piece of the story that everyone can relate to and I think that is what makes it an intriguing listen,” says Karl Coutinho, winery co-owner and the person who first had the idea to buy Avondale Sky.

From the history of Nova Scotia’s oldest vineyard to innovating in a fast-growing industry, dealing with unexpected weather and adapting to survive a pandemic, this podcast uses the voices of those closest to the project to share their very personal journeys. Dad Louis, Mom Avila, Sons Karl and Sean and their partners Jaime and Mallory all talk from the heart about the experience of taking on a new venture. The wider Avondale Sky team also contributed their thoughts and feelings since the family took over.

Nova Scotia wineries continue to grow, they welcome over 112,000 visitors a year and generate $43 million in tourism revenue. The industry is composed of nineteen grape wineries located in seven wine regions across the province that produce more than 211,000 cases or just under 1.9 million litres of wine per year. The Nova Scotia wine industry is a significant driver to the Nova Scotia economy, bringing an economic impact of more than $218 million.

Listeners can expect to learn about rural life, innovation, and a family that took on a complex project because they wanted to spend more time together. By tuning in, listeners get to know the winery and its community before they even step foot in its historic home.

The podcast was made possible by The Nova Scotia Tourism Digital Assistance Program and brought to life by Podstarter, a podcast creation company focusing on the production, design and distribution of podcasts for others. Each of the four episodes will be launched weekly starting on May 5, 2022 and can be accessed on the Avondale Sky website ( or on any podcast app by searching Avondale Sky Winery.