Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is Building for the Future


Ross Creek is coming into summer 2022 in a thoughtful way, full of the lessons of the past two years, and ready to build for the future. Literally building. One of the worst-kept secrets in Canning is the renovation of the Church of St. Lawrence as you come into the village, which was purchased by friends of Ross Creek who were excited by how Ross Creek serves its community through culture, including food. They have committed to renovating The Ross Creek Annex into an auxiliary programming space which will host a small workshop and performance space tuned for acoustic music in the former nave, a recording studio (with a community radio), a workshop space, and a community kitchen in the basement. Community gardens are outside.

It’s an exciting project that will invite more collaboration with other arts groups in the area, as well as allowing Ross Creek to extend and expand its community arts programming. Executive Director Chris O’Neill says it’s part of the vision of Ross Creek to ensure the organization is truly central to the lives of its community, so everyone can participate in the cultural life of the Valley. You can find out more and sign up for tours at

The other thing O’Neill is excited about is the programming they have planned for the summer and beyond. “We’re looking at our biggest SummerArts Camp season yet, and so thrilled to be able to reopen our academy and Dance Summer Dance programs fully again in August. This includes bringing back our instructors from the National Ballet School and the rest of our incredible faculty.”

On July 1, Ross Creek celebrates its twenty-second birthday and launches its summer season. That renewed community celebration of the First, as well as the newest, cultures of this land is envisioned as a festival of all our relations, through arts, music, performance and food, from 1pm until 10 pm.

O’Neill is looking forward to seeing people come out and celebrate being together in a new way. “We all need joy and hope, and with this July 1 event, we look forward to welcoming everyone to a celebration of the diverse cultures that are reflected in Mi’kmaqi. It’s a way to mark the start of something new, and to reflect the spirit of community through culture.”

You can find out more about July 1 and other programs at Ross Creek at