Dinner Out: Lew Murphy’s Smoke and BBQ

Scott Campbell

Nothing quite says summer to me like BBQ season. There are very few things that I find more mouth-watering that the aroma of a hot BBQ wafting across a yard. Add a cold beer and you pretty much have a perfect summer dinner. But creating that perfect BBQ in your back yard can be a lot of effort. If you’d like to enjoy the tasty pleasures of a real smoky BBQ but want to skip the trouble, then I’d suggest you make your way to Lew Murphy’s Smoke and BBQ in New Minas.

I had just such a craving a while back, so I quickly made my way to this brand new Smoke and BBQ restaurant. Just walking into Lew Murphy’s Smoke and BBQ is an experience. As soon as you’re through the door you’re greeted with dozens of retired road signs, ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap, and just enough neon to let you know that this place is a Smoke and BBQ joint steeped in the Route 66 Roadhouse tradition. There’s nothing pretentious here—just good old-fashioned hospitality and hearty food served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. And if you happen to run into Doreen (the manager) while you’re there, you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about.

As soon as I looked at the menu I was pretty sure I was going to have to come back several times to make my way through everything I wanted to try. I started out with the wings. I chose to have mine naked (breaded was the other option) with Sweet Heat BBQ sauce and a side of ranch dressing. They were delicious. Served piping hot and the Sweet Heat BBQ sauce added just the right amount of kick.

For my main I couldn’t decide between the brisket or the ribs. So, I got both. The brisket was six ounces of hickory smoked perfection that literally fell apart as you picked it up off the plate. Juicy and succulent and packed with flavour it is absolutely something that you must experience to truly appreciate. The ribs (half or full rack) were also spectacular. With a choice of Sweet BBQ sauce, Sweet Heat BBQ sauce or Bulleit Bourbon BBQ sauce I faced a dilemma but eventually chose the Bulleit Bourbon BBQ sauce. The sweet, smoky sauce smothering the fall-off-the-bone ribs was phenomenal. A side of Smoky Baked Beans was the perfect addition to this scrumptious meal.

The only thing I (barely) had room for was dessert. Okay, I always have room for dessert. There were several sweet and tempting options, including chocolate pecan pie and cobbler, but I settled on house-made caramel bread pudding. I did not regret my decision one bit. Amazing.

So, if you want to kick start your summer and get into a BBQ frame of mind I would urge you to make you way to Lew Murphy’s BBQ and Smoke in New Minas. You won’t be disappointed. Cheers.

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