To Our Readers

The Grapevine

The warm days of summer are here and we have some bittersweet news to share.

As owners, we have been running the paper for about seven years now—it has been a wonderful journey and we’ve loved being a part of knitting together our Valley community through sharing news, events, and happenings here.

Our team has grown and shifted over the years. Today it consists of owners/operators Genevieve Allen Hearn, Emily Leeson, and Monica Jorgensen, our stalwart editor Emily Kathan, and our ever-patient designer David Edelstein. Our team also includes our dedicated delivery crew and all the writers and artists who generously submit their work to our paper each month.

After great consideration, we are now ready to hand over ownership of the paper to a new person or team who will love it as we have and continue on with fresh ideas and energy. It has been a very hard decision for us to make—it’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s the right time for us to make a change.

This isn’t the first transition for The Grapevine. Since it was started by Adam Barnett in 2004, it has been loved by various teams who’ve all helped it grow. In 2007, Andy Flinn and Ariana Nasr took the reins. In 2009, Jocelyn Hatt and Jeremy Novak took over. The current owner/operators have now been involved for about ten years—during which time we’ve balanced other jobs, raised babies, gone back to school, and like everyone else, made it through a pandemic. We’ve been so proud of this newspaper and the wonderful team around us that helps put it together—and the wonderful support from our community of advertisers and readers.

At a time when print journalism is suffering, it has continued to amaze us how much support there is for this community newspaper—our Valley is filled with a desire to connect and share. We saw it with every issue. With Mike Butler’s Who’s Who, our issues have helped to introduce neighbours and celebrate our citizens, Anna Horsnell’s articles brought our readers into artists’ studios across our Valley, and Margot Bishop’s contributions have always aimed to shine a light on the Hidden Gems of this Valley. We’ve been proud to run Mark Oakley’s Stardrop and delighted in the culinary adventures Scott Campbell took us on. Margaret Drummond has kept our vocabularies growing, Garry Leeson’s yarns never failed to make us laugh and make us think, and because of Wendy Elliott we always knew which new local book we needed to pick up. Melanie Priesnitz and the team at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens have never failed to teach us something new and wonderful about the local flora and fauna. All of the writers, artists, and contributors who have helped create this newspaper are too numerous to name, but we’ve appreciated every addition.

Our aim is to see The Grapevine continue as a community project, just as we’ve all been growing it over the years. At the moment, we haven’t found that team—but we’re looking and open to suggestions!

With that in mind, this issue will be the last for our team. We’ll keep you posted as developments occur, but we thought it was time to let you know about our thoughts, plans, and hopes for this wonderful little paper that you all continue to be such an important part of.

Please feel free to ask questions or pass along ideas. The best part of this newspaper continues to be all those who are invested in making it work! Thank you for being a part of this adventure.
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