What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Reading Locally Within the Acadian Forest Region!

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Reading Locally Within the Acadian Forest Region! By Adrien Rawley, Horticulture Assistant and Educator Not long ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (CMBG) in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The coast of Maine was my childhood home, specifically Bar Harbor, where my parents and the beautiful landscape of Acadia National Park built my foundation as a budding naturalist. As life likes to guide us through complete circles, I smiled as I cycled onto the grounds of the CMBG wearing my horticulture assistant/educator hat from the Harriet Irving…
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The Acadia University Art Gallery: Maud Lewis and Oxen

The Acadia University Art Gallery: Maud Lewis and Oxen By Dr. Laurie Dalton, Director and Curator, and Alexandra Pulchny, Collections and Outreach Assistant “Maud Lewis: A Life Collected”, August 3 – September 30, 2018 Tuesday – Sunday, 12-4pm or by appointment Much of the way in which people have come to understand the artist has been a result of storytelling. This exhibition presents a selection of Maud Lewis’ artwork from private collections, along with memories of how people have come to collect her work. These demonstrate the ways in which we have come to remember, know, and situate the work…
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Who’s Who: Dr. Allison Walker: The Fungal Fun Gal!

Who’s Who: Dr. Allison Walker: The Fungal Fun Gal! By Mike Butler Acadia University, Wolfville’s biggest employer, is known worldwide as a leader in education and it is a beautiful, essential piece to Wolfville’s notoriety. From Acadia, there have been many extraordinary people who’ve been a part of the Grapevine Who’s Who column. They’ve been leaders in their field and great contributors to the campus life and the future of its students. It’s always nice to have the opportunity to write about someone I’ve never met and know very little about what they study. So, Dr. Allison Walker was a…
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Who’s Who: Jim Murphy: A Deep Rooted Local!

Who’s Who: Jim Murphy: A Deep Rooted Local! By Mike Butler If the name Jim Murphy doesn’t bring music to your ears right now, come September it sure will! Jim is part of the very busy board handling the organization and marketing for the 15th Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville. It’s gonna be a busy couple of weeks for Jim and his team but he was willing to lend me some time for this profile. Hear is a sweet little blurb about Jim Murphy! Jim was born and raised in Wolfville, went to Wolfville School, Horton High School, and then…
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Valley Family Fun: Farm Visits

Farm Visits Family Fun By Laura Churchill Duke I recently spoke with a friend, now living in a big city in the United States, who has to drive his children over 20 minutes just to find a pocked of nature to explore. Being surrounded by nature and farmlands is something that we sometimes take for granted here in the Valley, and I think we shouldn’t. This is our list of places in the Valley where you can go to explore a variety of farms. There is a complete list on under Go Places – Farms and Zoos. Visit farms…
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Mud Creek Rotary Supports Farm to School Program

Mud Creek Rotary is a proud supporter of the Annapolis Valley Farm to School program. The Farm to School Committee provides a monthly free locally-grown vegetable or fruit snack from farms to students and staff participating in the AVRCE schools. The current program is running in 10 schools in the Annapolis Valley. This program increases food literacy, encourages healthy eating habits, and enhances access and exposure to local vegetables and fruits. Your toonies are making a difference in your community!

Flower Farmer Amanda Muis Brown Launches book at Tangled Garden

Flower Farmer Amanda Muis Brown Launches book at Tangled Garden Recently, the Tangled Garden hosted the launch of From Seed to Centrepiece: A Floral Journey Through the Seasons, an exciting new book about flower farming written by Amanda Muis Brown of Humble Burdock Farm. About 55 people of all ages attended and enjoyed scones with jam and clotted cream, and mint lemonade. Amanda did a flower arranging demonstration, and guests got to make a bouquet to take home. A beautiful event in a beautiful location!

Featurepreneur: New Shoots, Lifelong Roots

Featurepreneur: New Shoots, Lifelong Roots By Genevieve Allen Hearn The Annapolis Valley benefits from multi-generational farming families who are rooted to this land in history, in family traditions, and in the crops they grow. But there is also a group of first generation farmers who have uprooted their lives from out-of-province, and sown new seeds in the Annapolis Valley. The Grapevine spoke to two farming couples who have recently moved to the breadbasket of Nova Scotia. Sarah and Kenny Macalpine – Two Birds One Stone The Grapevine (GV): What attracted you to farming? Sarah and Kenny (S&K): We are passionate…
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Bessie North House Pig Roast

Bessie North House Pig Roast By Scott Campbell When my editor told me that she needed stories with a farm theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Recently, as part of their thank you to their Kickstarter supporters, Dave Smart and his wife, Susan – co-owners of Bessie North House Farm and Restaurant – had a pig roast. This amazing new venture, located on Bessie North Road just outside of Canning, is already proving to be a successful restaurant with reservations for sold out nights well into the summer and fall, but let’s talk about the farm….
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