Discover the Valley with TrailQuest this Spring

Discover the Valley with TrailQuest this Spring By Laura Churchill Duke With the better weather comes the chance to get outside and explore the Annapolis Valley with a new innovative game, TrailQuest. TrailQuest gets participants to follow a set of clues and answer questions to solve a puzzle, much like a self-guided treasure hunt. TrailQuest is a family effort between myself and my 11-year-old son, Daniel Duke. Together we write the stories, while Daniel and his brother Thomas, 10, create the storyboard and logo images. When we lived in the UK, these types of hunts were very popular, and we…
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AVRL News: Robins, Daffodils, and Gardening

AVRL News: Robins, Daffodils, and Gardening By Tim Jackson Spring is here! March and the appearance of robins have ushered in spring. Longer days and a promise that winter weather was about to set sail. Bags of soil, heat mats, seed trays, little black pots, and seed packets are a rite of spring in my house. It’s time to take advantage of the warming weather and extra sunlight hours. April brought us Easter and April Fools, and even some snow, but spring is definitely here because the peepers are in full voice, daffodils adorn the table, and outside furniture is…
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Valley ICE Placements

Valley ICE Placements By Mike Butler If you’ve been reading the local newspapers lately, you would have seen quite a bit of press regarding the Integrity Cheer Empire or ICE All-stars organization as they’ve jumped, clapped, and cheered their way through many competitions this year and come out on top of a very successful pyramid. Chris Cunningham, or coach Chris as many call him, is All-star director and program manager at Integrity Cheer Empire and he’s super excited for this time of year because the ICE placements are coming up for new members to join the team. This has been…
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Murder Weapon Takes CentreStage

Murder Weapon Takes CentreStage By Mike Butler CentreStage Theatre in Kentville has staged its fair share of white-knuckle whodunits over the years. Nothing, however, has prepared audiences for their latest mystery: Murder Weapon. Murder Weapon, written by Brian Clemens, is a hypnotic mystery ready to challenge any armchair detective. So, you say you’ve read all the Agatha Christie books eh? And all the John Grisham, James Patterson, and Sue Grafton mysteries? Well, you seem pretty sure of your detecting skills then don’t you? Brace yourselves sleuths of the Valley, you’re going to have a run for your money with this…
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Richard Groot’s Photo Finish

Richard Groot’s Photo Finish By Mike Butler Richard (Dick) Groot is a very familiar face in the Valley. He’s a wonderful man with an exceptional photographic eye and I am proud to say he’s one of my fellow Men of Wolfville calendar buddies. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Dick’s work before, now is your chance because he has a photo exhibit coming up that you simply have to take in. It’s not some run of the mill display…or is it? Dick has been a published writer and photographer for many years and his accomplishments include a book…
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Ways to Recycle, Redistribute, or Safely Dispose of Items in the Annapolis Valley

Ways to Recycle, Redistribute, or Safely Dispose of Items in the Annapolis Valley Whether you are cleaning out your basement, garage, the upstairs bedroom, or your kitchen cupboards, we’ve all got items that are no longer needed. Here is a sampling of where you can recycle, redistribute, donate, or properly dispose of the goods in your home that are no longer serving their purpose there. There are many more options, but hopefully this list will get you thinking! GREENWOOD REDISTRIBUTE: The Opportunity Shop, 963 Central Avenue, Greenwood Mall The Opportunity Shop is a non-profit organization operated by the Greenwood Health…
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Annapolis Valley Regional Library: The Seed Library is Back Again

Annapolis Valley Regional Library: The Seed Library is Back Again By Tim Jackson Are you looking for a way to get some exercise and fresh air? Is growing vegetables new to you? Do you want some unique seeds to finish planting your vegetable garden? We can help. Beginning on Tuesday, May 2, the Dr. Frank W. Morse Memorial Library in Lawrencetown, and the Berwick & District Library, will again host the AVRL Seed Library. Last year there were 18 different types of seeds to choose from and they went quickly. Stop by and pick up free packets of seeds, complete…
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The Art Spot: Glooscap Elementary School Art Exhibit at the Wolfville Memorial Library

The Art Spot: Glooscap Elementary School Art Exhibit at the Wolfville Memorial Library WHO: In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself and your student artists: David Fitch: We are a class of 22 grade 3 students, ages 8 and 9, at Glooscap Elementary School in Canning. The students and I look forward to drawing and art activities. Doretta Groenendyk is in to teach and work on art with the kids as well. WHAT: What are the artistic media used in the exhibition? How did you choose these styles? DF: We try to choose a variety of materials to…
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Tractors Needed!

The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival is looking for owners of antique farm equipment who would like to place that equipment in the Grand Street Parade for FREE. This will be the longest parade in festival history, and its a wonderful opportunity to showcase our agricultural heritage. All participants are also invited to park their antique farm equipment at the KCA parking lot directly follow the parade for our first annual “Touch a Tractor” farm display event. or 902-678-8322

Who’s Who: Andy Sherman and Hilltop Designs

Who’s Who: Andy Sherman and Hilltop Designs By Mike Butler After 25 years of working on the seas of the world, Andy Sherman has come ashore and made a life-changing shift by starting his own woodworking business. Taking into account that he lives here in Nova Scotia, with an abundance of natural resources, and a community of talent that is unique, supportive, and accepting, Hilltop Designs fell into place with as much ease as one could wish. “As much as I enjoy the creative, hands-on side,” Andy told me, “I have found that the marketing and promotion really gratifying, but…
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