Mike Uncorked

The CLIMB of my Life!

Jeremy Novak, my dear friend and the reason I write these articles, drives me up the wall sometimes with his kooky suggestions and harebrained subject ideas for my column. Do we all remember when I went zip-lining last year and almost peed my pants 40 feet up in a birch tree? I am sure we can recall his idea of my going up in a hot air balloon or hitting the rifle range. Well, this past week I finally caved and Jeremy literally drove me UP A WALL, because I tackled the new Adventure Climbing Gym in Greenwich! Now that…
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Lost and Found

What once was lost…. now is found! It’s freezing rain outside, Patsy Cline is playing on my stereo, laundry is tumbling in the dryer, and I am snacking on roasted almonds and contemplating loss. Seems like a depressing topic for me, doesn’t it? Well, you’re incorrect. It’s actually a very positive thing to discuss. I’ll prove it. On three occasions this past week I was called “a light”. All three times I asked the person, “What do you mean?” and they’ve explained: “Mike, you are a positive, bright and happy presence in the world and you never exude anything but…
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