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Every Monday and Tuesday for the last few months, after I have completed my workout at Abs-olute Health Club in New Minas, I’ve walked from there into Kentville for play rehearsals. It’s a great walk, and I pass this incredible little shop called Elsewhere. I am a sucker for used DVD’s, CD’s, Collectibles, etc. and this shop is a great find! Specialty shops like this, I find, always have the most knowledgeable staff. The men who own this shop also operate it, and as you can see from the photo, really enjoy what they do and that rubs off in…
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Thank you to the White Rock Community Centre

The Grapevine has always enjoyed helping to promote the various events & listings found within its pages. Over the years many businesses, organizations, and groups have sent us their regular updates which we have gladly included. After all, your continued involvement strengthens the paper and helps to drive things forward. Although limited page space necessitates having to use criteria guidelines to adhere to, most often there’s at least some way to include your diverse requests. With almost every email response, we will also make sure to mention the added exposure obtained by utilizing With a combined effort, The Grapevine’s…
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Feature Pet – ZORRO

Feature Pet – ZORRO:  My name is Zorro and I am 1.5yrs old. I may only weigh 75lbs but I am a lab/pitbull mix and have the strength of a large human. I am very friendly and lovable but am in desperate need of training and obedience classes. I will not do well with other dogs or children at this time because I am still working on my manners. I will do best with an experienced dog handler who can love me back and be patient. For more information on me, contact the Nova Scotia SPCA, Kings County Branch,1285 County…
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BBQ fundraiser

On April 26, the Orchard Valley United Church youth group had a BBQ fundraiser in front of the Wolfville church. Thanks to all who purchased our hot-dogs and BBQ’ed donuts. A special thanks to the Supreme Homes construction crew who decided to support us by buying their lunches from us and topping it up with an extra donation. The Seekers youth group 

Novel Ideas For The Summer!

My addiction to reading has reached a new level. I read before bed, I read before my work shifts start. I read at the dentist’s office, while my laundry is drying, at my yard sale between customers and lately, I’ve started reading while walking to work. I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, but I can get through at least 20 pages of a novel between my place and Il Dolce each morning. I love to read and I love to promote reading. Soon the true warmth of summer will be in the air and people will…
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Mona Parsons Commemoration

A campaign has begun to commemorate Wolfville’s unlikely war heroine Mona Parsons.  “This project isn’t just about remembering the contributions of a community member,” says Andria Hill-Lehr, who wrote Parsons’ biography. “There are many who deserve that. This is about honouring the memory of a woman who, though she never wore a uniform or carried a gun, was willing to put her life on the line when she found herself in war zone and seized upon the only thing she could do to support the Allies in their fight against Hitler.” “The contributions of women to Canada’s historical narrative have…
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Interested In Getting Your Hands Dirty?

Gain some volunteer hours down at the Acadia Farm, where we practice organic farming on produce that supplies Acadia’s own Wheelock Meal Hall. At the farm you will find different gardening techniques such as companion planting, sheet mulching, herb growing, a food forest, and composting. As well, you can see local plot-holders experiment with gardening. If you are interested in volunteering, here are the times when I am always at the farm: Morning:  Thursdays 9–11:30am Afternoon:  Tuesdays 1-3 pm Evening:  Wednesdays  6-8pm: Meeting at the Farmers’ Market for  30 mins and then 6:30 at the farm Contact: Erika Gardham  Farm…
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In case you haven’t heard yet, a really big deal is going to happen here in Wolfville on June 14! Expect to see our town invaded by coin belts & a trail of glitter as belly dancers from all over the Atlantic provinces gather for a weekend of workshops & a show. I fell in love with tribal belly dance over 10 years ago after visiting San Francisco. And then, not long after, I saw the Belly Dance Superstars (a large troupe of dancers created by Miles Copeland, former manager of ‘The Police’) in Vancouver & was immediately entranced by…
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Feature Pet – SLUFOOT:  Slufoot is a domestic short-haired black and white male born May 15, 2010. This handsome tuxedo kitty with double paws was surrendered by his owners. He needs to be on a special diet. He is such an attractive cat with giant paws! Wolfville Animal Hospital,   12-112 Front St., Wolfville . 542 3422

Laurel Green:A Splash of Green!!!

Let’s see. Laurel Green loves the arts and appreciates everything associated with the arts. She’s new to Wolfville… do you think she’ll fit in and find something to do? Laurel Green is from Upper Saint John River Valley, New Brunswick. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in a small Scottish farming settlement outside the village of Perth-Andover. I can see the sign now: “Christmas trees for Sale… Have a GREEN Christmas.” Laurel spent most of her childhood in the woods, playing and developing a love of nature. She says, “My two younger brothers and I would cut and…
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