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The Grapevine Podcast 5: Mike Aubé

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Mike Aube joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to discuss: his hosting of Just Us! Open Mic, his past musical efforts and his current crowd-source funding campaign for his upcoming album.  Also this episode: Dale Gruchy’s digital story about Gaspereau Valley Fibres’s participation in the Back 2 Back Wool Challenge & Gabrielle Archer introduces Halifax’s Quiet Parade and discusses AXE Radio.   Contributing regulars: Jeremy Novak, Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J.

The FunTime Brigade & The Roommates

“Orange juice and pyjamas. Orange Juice. And Pyjamas.” That can only be the obscure sound check of the seemingly nonsensical FunTime Brigade. But is it nonsense? You’ll have to ask them to find out… And you’ll get your chance soon at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville on Saturday, January 19th. Starting at 8pm, the show will open with a smashing set from the latest up and coming talent, The RoomMates. With four part female harmonies and a natural feel for how to captivate an audience, you’ll get your money’s worth before you even make it to intermission. But if…
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The Grapevine Podcast 4: Mike Miline

Mike Milne joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to discuss his album Fine Felt Hat and his experience being the MC of Paddy’s Pub Open Mic.  Also this episode: Andy Flinn’s digital story to be found on the Kings County Cultural Map & Amber Rowe introduces a singer/songwriter from the South Shore, Jennah Barry. Contributing regulars: Jeremy Novak, Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J.

TripALady Celebrates it’s 5th NYE Dance

If you were one of the macabre merrymakers in attendance at TripALady’s Hallowe’en soiree, you’ll know the musical score:  throngs of happy people cutting serious rugs to the sounds of a band who have pillaged the provender of pop radio stations far away in time and wed them to the delights of Irish dance tunes from even further, to conjure temporary but profound epicenters of Eighties dance  bliss.   But shadowy capes, flaming red hair, Ringo’s moustache and dedicated Smurf support will all be shed this December 31st in favour of an eager eye to the arrival of the midnight…
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The Grapevine Podcast 3: Scott Prudence

Scott Prudence discusses his 6th album, Radio Tower, and his CD release show at Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre.  Also this episode: Andrew Sneddon from the Modern Grass, Gaea Jess from Cadance Academy & Wolfville mayor Jeff Cantwell.  Contributing regulars: Jeremy Novak, Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J.

Will Chappus: Be His Guest!

William Chappus (that’s his formal name) originates from Windsor, Ontario and came to Nova Scotia when he was nine years old. He attended KCA in Kentville and throughout his schooling, Will received many accolades for both regional and provincial athletics. Will moved to Alberta when he was nineteen, lived in Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary over a span of thirteen years and then finally returned to Nova Scotia for permanent residency in his early thirties. As a child, Will use to volunteer to set the table at dinner time, complete with candles (it’s all about the presentation!) and he loved…
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The Grapevine Podcast 2: Hupman Brothers

Ryan Hupman, one half of the Hupman Brothers, sits down to discuss their 5th and newest album, Back On The Mountain.  Also in this episode: Scott from the Acadian Bus Lines, STARDROP Cartoonist Mark Oakley, Laura from Valley Family Fun, Mr. Wade Ells with Rockets & Ramona part 2, Slam Poet Mallory Palmer, Nick Cox from the Acadia Theatre Company, Belly Dancing Herbalist Angie Jenkins, Amber Rowe speaking on Mo Kenney, & Mike Butler discusses his two latest Grapevine articles (Who’s Who: Alan Slipp, & new business In Good Hands). Please Note: There is a small amount  of explicit content…
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Alan Slipp: A Pan-tastic Actor!!!

I act in plays but I don’t consider myself an Actor. I can entertain an audience but I don’t consider myself an entertainer. Then you take Alan Slipp! Alan IS community theatre in the valley! For years, I have (and I haven’t been alone) admired Alan’s work. He is never one to back down from a challenge and he ultimately dives into the role with great technique and motivation and always comes out on top. Let’s see if he can handle his toughest role to date: The Grapevine Who’s Who subject! Alan Slipp (the name gives me shivers of delight) lives…
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Back on the Mountain

The Hupman Brothers have recently put out their new album Back On The Mountain and will be performing the songs at their CD release concert on November 24th at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. The new album, their best yet, is an outstanding collection of tunes, all recorded at the Hupmans’ home studio up on the south mountain. The songs cover a wide array of genres; there’s a little country, a little funk, all rounded out by a few of their classic blues numbers, and all still having that distinct Hupman sound. This album continues on in the acoustic…
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The Grapevine Podcast 1: Sahara Jane

Ouje the dog in the Gaspereau Valley helps to welcome Sahara Jane in the first ever Grapevine Podcast. What is a Grapevine Podcast?, Rockets & Ramona, Amber Roe, Mike Butler, Jamie Loughead, Remembrance Day, 2012. Local music directly from Wolfville, NS in the Annapolis Valley.