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The Story of Rowan’s Room

rowans room

The Story of Rowan’s Room By Elizabeth Mason-Squires, Executive Director, Rowan’s Room Respite & Developmental Centre Rowan’s Room is a private facility in Middleton offering developmental, educational, recreational, respite, and general support to young children ages 3 – 12 years, with developmental, neurological, and/or cognitive needs. It helps children that may not be fully supported in traditional school settings, and are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD, ADHD), or who have other special needs that may or may not yet be diagnosed. The services provided are tailored to each individual…
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Dinner Out: Union Street Café Heart Attack Burger

heart attack

Dinner Out: Union Street Café Heart Attack Burger By Scott Campbell Code Blue at Union Street Café!! Grab your stethoscope and head to Berwick’s Union Street Café and try their Burger Wars entry – The Heart Attack Burger.  From the first bite, the palpitations will begin. The burger looks impressive when it arrives at the table. This tower of beef and bun both promises to deliver a flavourful punch while, at the same time you find yourself wondering – how do I even start to eat this thing?! The juicy beef patty looks inviting enough but when you bite into…
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The Dome Chronicles: DIY


The Dome Chronicles: DIY By Garry Leeson In 1972, a boxcar from Toronto containing a menagerie of farm animals and an eager young couple pulled into the station platform in Kingston, Nova Scotia. They were bound for a deserted hundred-acre farm on the South Mountain, determined to preserve the foundations of farmsteads past while constructing a geodesic dome. They were pioneers of the future, armed with respect for tradition and an irrepressible sense of humour. They didn’t call themselves farmers. They were back-to-the-landers. Farming was industry and their calling was sustainability. Over the next forty years, through flood and fire,…
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Dinner Out: Natalino’s Donair Burger


Dinner Out: Natalino’s Donair Burger By Scott Campbell Admittedly, the hamburger is one of my most favourite food groups however, the Donair, is a very close second. When I heard that Natalino’s in Kentville was offering up a Donair Burger for its Burger Wars entry, I was intrigued. When it occurred to me that someone had taken two of my most favourite things in the world and combined them to create a culinary thing of awe and deliciousness was when I knew the Burger Wars had reached a whole new level of creativity and spectacle. Their fresh made Donair Burger…
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Dinner Out: The Troy Lamb Burger

troy burger war

Dinner Out: The Troy Lamb Burger By Scott Campbell Yet another incredible addition to the Burger Wars (in support of Campaign for Kids) is the Troy Lamb Burger at the Troy restaurant in Wolfville. With their Mediterranean theme at full power Troy has launched a burger that I think is going to prove to be a real contender in this burger war. Using a 6oz, mouth-watering, Nova Scotian lamb patty, the chefs at Troy added crisp lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cacik, and then loaded it with Feta cheese. The result is a juicy burger that is brimming with rich Mediterranean…
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Dinner Out: The Port Pub’s Loopy Rancher Burger

port pub

Dinner Out: The Port Pub’s Loopy Rancher Burger By Scott Campbell Not to be outdone on the battlefront of the Burger Wars, the Port Pub in Port Williams has created a sizzling burger spectacle that has to be experienced.  Using their familiar Starr’s Point grass-fed beef as the basis of this burger creation they have put forth a formidable force in this Burger War. Starting with the grass-fed beef patty, they add lightly siracha-spiced ranch sauce, greens, tomato, cheddar, garlic aioli, pickle, and crispy Cajun fried onions all under a Brioche bun. The result is an original burger that is…
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Dinner Out: Paddy’s Wolfville’s Bombay Burger


Dinner Out: Paddy’s Wolfville’s Bombay Burger By Scott Campbell Bollywood has come to Wolfville in this blockbuster hit of a burger. Paddy’s Brewpub in Wolfville started out with a local grass-fed beef patty from Wild Mountain Farm in Canning – just like their Kentville counterpart but that’s where the similarity stops. From here Paddy’s Wolfville made a sharp turn to the east and created the Bombay Burger. This delicious treat starts out with the juicy beef patty and then dresses it up with Greek yogurt, house made raisin ketchup, Bombay pico (tomatoes, onion, cilantro, ginger, and jalapeno), and lettuce. This…
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Who’s Who: Zoe D’Amato, The Grapevine Globe Trekker


Who’s Who: Zoe D’Amato, The Grapevine Globe Trekker By Mike Butler Good afternoon everyone… Well, I guess if you’re not reading this article in the afternoon that greeting doesn’t make sense, but I am writing this piece on a gorgeous afternoon, so just roll with me. What a treat this “Who’s Who” article is for me. I think, in my seven years of writing for The Grapevine, this will be my first “Who’s Who” about a member of The Grapevine family. There are so many hands that go into making The Grapevine such a terrific publication that I thought I…
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Dinner Out: The Kings Arms’ Burger Wars Burger

shepherds pie

Dinner Out: The Kings Arms’ Burger Wars Burger By Scott Campbell My first burger of the 2017 Burger Wars was the entry from Kentville’s Kings Arms pub. One bite in and I was already grieving the fact that this delicious burger was only going to be available for a month. The Kings Arms kitchen folk have created this masterpiece beginning with an 8oz patty of beef and caramelized onion (just think about that for a second). Then they smear it with a sizzling chipotle mayo, add a dollop of sweet roasted corn salsa, and put it all under a perfectly…
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Ron Lightburn at the Berwick & District Library, April 22

Ron Lightburn at the Berwick & District Library, April 22 To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the Annapolis Valley Regional Library is highlighting a different Canadian author or illustrator for each month of 2017 with #BookClub150. April’s featured storytellers are Sandra and Ron Lightburn of Coldbrook. About Sandra and Ron Lightburn Sandra has written two picture books illustrated by Ron, *Driftwood Cove*  and *Pumpkin People*. Ron illustrated his first children’s picture book, *Waiting for the Whales*, in 1991 and received three national awards including the Governor-General’s Literary Award for Children’s Illustration. He went on to illustrate many books, including his most recent,…
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