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Featurepreneur: Fluent Frameworks — A new voice in the local cycling scene


Fluent Frameworks is a start-up business specializing in hand-built bicycles. Matt Manuel is the man behind Fluent Frameworks and he had this to say about exactly what it is that he does. So what is a hand-built bike? A hand-built bike starts with a frame built around you. Every detail is accounted for from the tube dimensions and its weight, to its length and ultimate look. It is an expression of one’s personality from its geometry to its paint and as unique to you as your fingerprint. How did you get into building bicycles? Cycling has always been a deeply…
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by Max Janes B.Sc, Acadia Pride Coordinator It has been 47 years since the first Pride rally, and in that time Pride has changed phenomenally. On June 28, 1969, local police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City arresting trans and gay youth and adults on the basis of prostitution. This raid was not the first of its kind, but this particular raid lead to rioting throughout Greenwich Village lead by transgender women, primarily people of colour. This riot began the struggle for LGBT+ rights in the United States and Canada. Later, in 1978, an eight-stripe rainbow flag was…
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What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens – Woodland Bushcraft


By Melanie Priesnitz Do you know how to survive in the Woods? I do, at least I’d like to think I do. It’s not however a skillset that has come to me naturally. I certainly didn’t learn it on the urban streets of Toronto where I spent much of my youth. I’m much better at navigating through gridlocked traffic on my bicycle than finding my way out of the woods, but I’m learning! As the world becomes more filled with technology and urban sprawl we are losing touch with basic outdoor survival skills. We hope to help change this with…
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Hike it Baby: Wolfville Area’s Family Hiking Group


By Avery Peters Hiking was invaluable to me during my first pregnancy with my son, Llewyn, as I wrapped my head around the new phase of life my husband and I were about to enter. We had just moved to Wolfville, and we found our house right next to the Woodland Trails of Acadia University. I couldn’t help myself ⎯ I was down in the forest every day with our dog. In the early stages of pregnancy, after living here for a few months, I realized that my usual trail-running didn’t work for me. So, I fully immersed myself in…
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AVRL News: We Are Giving Away A Bike!


By Tim Jackson Bicycling in the Annapolis Valley has never been better, especially when it’s on a bike you’ve won by participating in the Summer Reading Club at the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL). Children ages 0 to 12 who sign up can enter the Bike Bonus Bingo for a chance to win a 20-inch blue Huffy BMX bike donated by the Adopt-a-Library Literacy Program. Sign up at any AVRL branch (or at the Bookmobile), get your THREADS log, read and complete the activities, and you are on your way. You can win different prizes and you can also get…
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Dinner Out: Barrelling Tide Distillery


By Scott Campbell In the heart of Port Williams – tucked in behind the Port Pub – on a little side road – on your way to Starr’s Point, is the Barrelling Tide Distillery. Don’t let the unassuming location sway you though. This brand new distillery is producing some of the boldest flavours around. I was able to have a tour last week and found myself thrilled by the caliber of the professionalism and elegance evident in this small distilling operation. Owners, Russell and Colleen Murphy have gone above and beyond with this project and have created one of the…
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Young Farmers Weigh In On The Future of Farming in Nova Scotia


Provided by the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia Blog, Last month, the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia (FMNS) interviewed a selection of current and new farmers about the future of farming in Nova Scotia. One of the recurring topics that arose from these interviews was the role Farmers’ Markets play in fostering young farmers. According to Jocelyn Durston, co-owner of Seven Acres Farm, “Farmers’ markets offer a low-cost, low-pressure venue to build relationships with customers and explore market potential,” says Durston. Durston and her partner Chris Kasza moved to Nova Scotia from British Columbia, in search of farmland. Now…
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Bicycles, Book Signings, And Billy The Kid: July At The Bookshop


By Benjamin Bush Anderson The Wild West lost its gun-slinging poster-boy, Billy the Kid, on July 14, 1881. His death, along with the dastardly exploits that marked his life, is viscerally re-imagined in Michael Ondaatje’s *The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems*. Come by the bookshop to holster your own copy! Looking for a cycling book to toss in your handlebar basket? We highly recommend *The Bicycle Diaries* by David Byrne (yes, that David Byrne). In his 2010 book, the Talking Heads front man chronicles his adventures as he pedals through, and engages with, some of the world’s…
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The Annapolis Valley loves bicycles!


By Emily Leeson The Annapolis Valley has clearly entered the age of the bicycle. On June 3 at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, Scott Brison announced the significant contribution of $799,500 from the Government of Canada to Bicycle Nova Scotia towards the Blue Route, a bicycle route network aiming to connect the province with 3000km of designated bicycle routes. The route will take visitors, and locals alike, along the coastline and through the interior of the province, clearly positioning and acknowledging cycling as an integral part of the Nova Scotia lifestyle and tourism industry. According to Brison, “New visitors; active living;…
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Uncorked: Your Rainbow Connection


By Mike Butler What a year it has been so far for the LGBTI Communities of the world. There have been many wonderful, positive, and uplifting moments throughout the world, including the recent historical march of our Prime Minister in Toronto’s Pride Parade. But there have also been moments of extreme sadness and heartbreak, with so many lost lives in Orlando and other locations not covered by the media. No matter the event, as a community, Wolfville has always shown its support of Pride Week, Pride events, and the LGBTI community, and I am proud to be both a resident…
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