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Christmas in Cabbagetown

Garry Leeson By the winter of 1948 my family’s fortunes had fallen on hard times. The first few months of our arrival in the city were our salad days—my father found a job as a bricklayer, my mother started working at a mail-order business and my sisters Jan and Rene got jobs at department stores. Everybody pooled their earnings and the family coffers grew to the point that we could afford to move out of my aunt’s home and rent an older house of our own on the west side of the city. We had our first Christmas there and…
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Margot’s Hidden Gems: Gift Giving

Margot Bishop It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. A thoughtful gift shows the receiver that you cared enough to put some effort into your choice. Use your own talents to provide you with good ideas for your gift decisions. If you are a creative person, make a gift. Paint a picture of a well-loved view or setting. Prepare a meal or two, or bake a cake or a pie or biscuits to give to loved ones. If you are a knitter, warm socks or mittens are always appreciated. A crocheted shawl or afghan will…
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Mike Uncorked: Greenwich Community Centre

Mike Butler Recently I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Floyd Priddle about the comings and goings at the celebrated Greenwich Community Centre. This is a very special place to many people in our community and there’s always something happening there to make our area brighter and better. I appreciate Floyd reaching out to me and I’m excited to share with you a little bit of what we chatted about. An AVRCE teacher and long-time Greenwich resident, Floyd came to the Valley thirty years ago to go to Acadia and stayed put, like so many do. When he purchased…
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Books By Locals: David Wimsett Switches Genres

Wendy Elliott Kentville area writer David A. Wimsett has four varied books published by Cape Split Press. His works include history, science fiction, and fantasy. In his writing he likes to examine relationships between people and explore women’s issues. He aims to place characters in situations where they expose their nature while moving stories forward. Wimsett says he enjoys creating literary and genre fiction with the belief that good writing is good writing, no matter the form. A member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, he also belongs to the Canadian Freelance Guild and the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia….
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Featurepreneur: Noël & Co.

Genevieve Allen Hearn Lauren and Janie are twin sisters that attend NKEC High School. They are also budding entrepreneurs who had a fundraising idea that turned into a full-fledged company. They spend their free time hand-crafting small-batch gifts: eco-friendly scented candles, bath salts, linen sprays, and room diffusers, donating 2% of sales to the Atlantic Kidney Foundation. With the holidays around the corner, this is the perfect time to introduce you to Noël & Co. and the young co-founders behind the business. The Grapevine (GV): How did Noël & Co. get its start?Lauren & Janie (L&J): Our desire to go…
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Ron Lightburn Autumn in the Valley Ron Lightburn’s art cards are now available at locations throughout the Annapolis Valley: Endless Shores Books in Bridgetown; The Rusty Chandelier in Coldbrook; Tides Art Gallery, R.D. Chisholm and the Kings County Museum in Kentville; Absolutely Fabulous at Home, Henny Penny’s Farm Market and Saunders Tartans & Gifts in New Minas; The Port Pub and Sea Level Brewing in Port Williams.

World Premiere of Koqm at King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal

Submitted Koqm is the world premiere of a new theatrical piece by Mi’kmaw (L’nu) storyteller shalan joudry, co-produced by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre and Nestuita’si Storytelling. Koqm is a journey through time and land to experience the voices of fictional L’nu (Mi’kmaw) women. Throughout the course of the show we hear and meet the women who might have spoken and walked through one area of forest over centuries. Guided by the strength of an ancient tree (“koqm”), the women’s voices share with us their personal stories of grief, humour and resiliency through a unique theatrical performance that includes…
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Dinner Out: Opening Gala of Devour! 2021

Scott Campbell Devour! is back! The largest Food Film Festival in the world opened in Wolfville with an array of dignitaries, celebrity chefs, and all the pomp and fanfare you’d expect from this world-class culinary and cinematic event. The opening was held at the new Devour! studios in Wolfville. The evolution of this amazing facility is a story in itself and provides a brilliant space to showcase the world’s food film elite, but let’s talk about the food. Some of the most well-known restaurants, breweries, and wineries in the province were on hand to dazzle guests with a delicious assortment…
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Zero-Proof: Beyond Cranberry Cocktail

Avery Peters I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about zero-proof cocktails—virgin cocktails, cocktails, zero ABV, non-alcoholic, or whatever you want to call them. There are many ways to name them, but none of these names is particularly satisfying, because they describe what they’re not rather than what they are. I feel that drinks without alcohol can easily stand on their own when given the proper time and attention. There are so many ways to create complexity and depth without using alcohol. There can even be a moderate amount of fermentation to achieve this complexity, as even kombucha…
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Busy Times for Valley Hospice Foundation

Dale Sanford Celebrating the holidays is a tradition for the Valley Hospice Foundation. It was six years ago when the first annual Holiday Gala was held in the historic ballroom. This year the fundraising event has been re-invented with the addition of the first ever HoliStay Raffle and Holiday Party. All residents of the Valley are invited to participate in VHF’s first ever HoliStay Raffle to raise required funds. This raffle offers a chance to win one of 10 mini-vacations, including an overnight get-away to the Prince George in Halifax, a golf and spa or whale watching sojourn to Digby…
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