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Zanne Handley: In a Class All Her Own!

When I was a video-store rat many years ago, I use to serve this adorable couple, Zanne and Ian. They were always smiling, and Zanne had the most incredible set of dreadlocks I’d ever seen. We talked movies, art, literature, politics, current events and even fun stuff like cartoons and food. I’ve recently become reacquainted with them, and I’d like you meet Zanne Handley. Zanne is the French and Social Studies teacher at Bridgetown Regional High School, as well as Advisor for the Gay-Straight Alliance at BRHS. She loves all aspects of her job, but those lunch-hour conversations with students…
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Holly Woodworth: Leading the WAY!

Many people ask me where I find the people I write about in this column. Well, I take recommendations, I ask people on the street, I have a list of local “celebrities” whom I’ve always wanted to know more about, and then there are good old random happenings. Holly Woodworth falls into the “random” category. I was in the post office last week and noticed a poster for Wolfville Area Youth (WAY) with Holly’s contact information on it. The next thing you know, she was a Who’s Who subject! Holly was born out west, but her family stems from Nova…
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Ray Baltzer: The Principal Actor

One day at school I was sent to the principal’s office… why I went is not the issue, I’m innocent I swear… but what a long walk down the hallway to get to Ray Baltzer’s Office… who would have thought some twenty years later I’d be on stage with him, sharing a bow! Ray Baltzer was born in Annapolis Royal in 1943. He was raised in Middleton, calling the town his “Norman Rockwell painting” and although he played many sports, Ray excelled in theater, performing and singing in musicals, choirs and doing Solo acts in Church. He married his high…
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Liana vanderhof-Rhodenizer: Picture Perfect!

What a fun and random life I lead sometimes. I was walking down Central Avenue a few weeks ago and ran into a friend of mine who was taking part in a photo shoot. I pulled her right out of a shot so I could hug her and have a reunion of sorts… the photographer gave me a weird once over and I apologized and went on my merry way, thinking I would never have the chance to make it up to her for disrupting her shoot. Well, ladies and gentleman, that photographer was Liana vanderhof-Rhodenizer, and here’s me making…
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Whittle Big Man

A celebration of Al Whittle’s 60th anniversary as theatre manager at Wolfville’s Acadia Cinema It was a very young Al Whittle who first stepped off the train in 1953 into his “first adventure in Wolfville…I was amazed.” Whittle began a lifelong career that day that lasted until his retirement in 2000. In celebration of Al’s contribution to the cultural life of the Annapolis Valley, he is being honoured with a gala event of live performance and film on Friday, April 26. Al Whittle was hired in 1953 by the Spencer family of Saint John, at the time making him the…
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People – National Theatre Live

Friday, March 22, at 7  p.m., the Al Whittle Theatre is launching its new technology: a satellite feed allowing the capture of high-definition broadcasts of cultural events from all around the world. Theatre, dance, opera, rock and classical music, art from major world museums, sponsored by local businesses and individuals–the possibilities are exciting. The opening performance is People, a new comedy from the National Theatre in London, written by Alan Bennett, known for The History Boys and The Madness of King George. People stars the award-winning Francis de la Tour as ex-Sixties model Lady Stacpoole, facing old age in a…
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Antigone by Jean Anouilh Directed by Anna Migliarisi 7:30pm, Lower Denton, Acadia March 6th – 9th & 13th -16th “Antigone is right – but Creon is not wrong.”  (Albert Camus) Jean Anouilh’s Antigone is a modern take on Sophocles’ 5th century tragedy. It’s the end of a savage civil war. Antigone’s brothers Eteocles and Polynices – unlucky children of Oedipus – are both slaughtered vying for power. Their uncle Creon becomes king. Under his order, Eteocles is given a state funeral, but Polynices’ body is left to rot unburied as a dire warning to would-be traitors. Polynices’ fate is repugnant…
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The Annapolis Valley Short Film Fest

Back by popular demand! The first Annapolis Valley Short Film Fest (May 2012) was open to drama and comedy films made in Nova Scotia. We decided to broaden the second fest because we found the first film fest a bit limiting. This seems to have been a good decision. We received submissions from a wide range of genres from across Canada, and are able to provide the viewers with a stellar line-up of remarkably professional, yet still independently produced, films. We also expanded the selection committee to five judges. The judges made their decision based on which films were the…
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Wolfville Indoor Ghost Show

Mtaban. Mud Creek. Wolfville. Have you ever wondered about Wolfville’s  colourful past? Come take a history tour from the comfort of your seat in the  first-ever Wolfville Indoor Ghost Show. The sixth year of Valley Ghost Walks kicks off with the Wolfville Indoor Ghost Show on Wednesday, February 13 at 8pm at Manning Memorial Chapel on the Acadia Campus. This is a creatively spooky, two-hour theatrical production of Wolfville’s intriguing past in a most beautiful setting. This show features some of your favourite tales from the outdoor show along with: new Wolfville ghosts, special guest Alan Melanson of the Annapolis…
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The Grapevine Podcast 6: Caleb Miles

Caleb Miles joins us in Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre to play us a song and to discuss his last 8 years of contribution to the music coming out of the Annapolis Valley. Also this 6th episode: Kate Corrigan interviews 4th year Acadia music student Lucas Oickle, citizen feedback after the 336 Main Street development proposal meeting, Mona Parson’s remarkable WWII story, and Brian Cottam from Wild Lupin Media discusses their recent live streaming efforts via Contributing regulars: Mike Butler, Mr. W. Ells & Lazy J., & Jeremy Novak