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New Music: The Basin Brothers Release Two Albums

Submitted “It’s been a pretty strange year for sure,” says Basin Brother Chase Ross, but, he continues, “it has been a good time to focus on crafting new songs, and to record two new albums.” Now, those albums are here. Furthest Out and Thinking Of You are full of the types of songs The Basin Brothers have become known for, exploring themes like introspection, love, heartache, and trying to get by. Both albums were produced by Thomas Stajcer at New Scotland Yard Studio in Dartmouth. “The recordings,” says Ross, “show a broader musicality, dynamics, and re-thinking of what our strengths…
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Nova Scotia’s Natural Ice Season

Joel Hornborg, Nor’Easter Natural Ice Our winters are definitely changing. Drastic temperature fluctuations throughout the season have made it increasingly challenging to plan ahead for winter adventures, and it is rare that good snow or ice conditions last for more than a few days. Luckily, you usually don’t have to wait very long before the next window of great conditions returns. Nordic skates, kicksleds, fat bikes, skis, and snowshoes are all useful tools to have ready in your quiver. For those prepared with the right equipment and knowledge of conditions, winters are filled with opportunities for incredible adventures in frozen…
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Wolfville’s Al Whittle Theatre Needs Love

Wendy Elliott The Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville is very much alive, even though there have been no public performances and almost zero income for the past 12 months.Fortunately there have been some private rentals and support from the provincial government, so Mary Harwell, manager of Wolfville’s cultural hub, says, “we’re not in danger, but revenues are down a lot.” An emergency funding grant of $19,715 will help the facility to continue to host concerts, film screenings, live theatre, and festivals once pandemic restrictions ease. The cinema had a program of improvements underway, Harwell noted, but refurbishing of brickwork on…
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Mike Uncorked: Bees and Thank You!

Mike Butler Our Valley is filled with gardening, wildlife, and nature enthusiasts, and for good reason: we live in such a beautiful area with so much to be thankful for. Over the last few months, I’ve been presented with concerns and issues involving environmental change and sustainability and its impact on honey bees and other pollinators. I love honey, beeswax candles, and honestly, I love bees. I wasn’t aware of the plight of pollinators and so, with some help from my bee friends, here is a helpful list of things we all can do this spring, and down the road,…
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Visually Speaking: Fibre Artist Teri Gullon

Anna Horsnell Teri Gullon’s small, life-like sculptures are hard to resist. Perhaps the attraction lies in the subject of animals, or perhaps the soft warmth of her chosen medium—wool. Certainly, the attention to detail is evident. No matter the reason, this Kentville artist deserves recognition. She never considered herself an artist. Originally from the South Shore, Gullon’s interest in science led her to Ontario where she studied chemistry, began a career, and met her husband. Family brought her back to the Maritimes and the Valley in particular. However, she’d always been musical, playing the piano, flute, and guitar, and often…
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Writer Jake Lewis on Representation and Autism Awareness

Dana Mills Friday, April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Recently local author Dana Mills joined writer and autism advocate Jake Lewis for a virtual discussion about representation and writing bravely in the face of personal struggle. Dana Mills: How do you identify as a writer, Jake? Would you call yourself an “autistic writer”? Jake Lewis: To me, I’m just a guy who just so happens to have autism. It doesn’t really have much of an effect on who I am as a writer, I don’t think. DM: I admire your honesty in your piece, My Take on Mental Health for Autistic People, where you…
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April is Oral Health Month: Amber-Rose Harvey, New Minas Dental Centre

Submitted The New Minas Dental Centre is celebrating one of their own! Dental assistant Amber-Rose Harvey has been with the Centre for nearly four years. Hired as a new grad, she is grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on her career and gain valuable experience. Patient care is top of mind for Amber-Rose, and her goal is to educate and engage with them in meaningful ways. “To me, a great patient experience is keeping the patients smiling, even if they are scared or afraid, and making them comfortable,” she says. “Part of that is talking with them…
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Get Outside with Get the Pirat

Histo-Caching App Released by Speed EcoSubmitted Gaspereau’s Speed Eco has developed a new interactive, educational, and entertaining self-guided app. Get the Pirat features folklore stories and true accounts of some of North America’s most interesting historical topics. These include tales of the coolest pirates and treasure, the spookiest ghosts, villains, heroes, and terrifying creatures. Paul Speed, the company’s pirate-loving founder, sees the app as a way to preserve folk tales from a variety of sources, including referencing many out-of-print books or privately submitted local tales, and even real treasure stories, while introducing them to a new generation in a fun, active…
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By Ron Lightburn Miner’s Marsh Chickadee Ron Lightburn’s art cards are now available at locations throughout the Annapolis Valley: R.D. Chisholm and the Kings County Museum in Kentville; The Port Pub and Sea Level Brewing in Port Williams; Bent Ridge Winery in Windsor, Wheaton’s in Berwick, Saunders Tartans & Gifts in New Minas, and Endless Shores Books in Bridgetown.

McFadyen and Spencer take Halifax By Storm!

François Côté The sun was out on Highway 101 and there were just a few patches of slippery slush when we drove up to Halifax in the after-storm of March 19. Halifax: as far away as I’ve ventured from Wolfville since the pandemic began. An event in itself! At our destination, I’m in my element, on familiar ground; The Carleton, the best listening room in Nova Scotia. Looking around, I see familiar faces. Many came up from The Valley as well. No surprise. We’re here for a double-header by Daniel McFadyen and Terra Spencer, the second of three sold-out performances….
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