Will Chappus: Be His Guest!

William Chappus (that’s his formal name) originates from Windsor, Ontario and came to Nova Scotia when he was nine years old. He attended KCA in Kentville and throughout his schooling, Will received many accolades for both regional and provincial athletics. Will moved to Alberta when he was nineteen, lived in Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary over a span of thirteen years and then finally returned to Nova Scotia for permanent residency in his early thirties.

As a child, Will use to volunteer to set the table at dinner time, complete with candles (it’s all about the presentation!) and he loved to cook and serve the food (my mother would have adored him!). When he moved to Lake Louise, he found himself exposed to the food and beverage industry and immediately fell in love with it. His passion for consistency and fine dining helped him thrive in this industry and when he came back to Nova Scotia it was food, food and more food! After working with Michael Howell throughout the opening of Tempest World Cuisine and holding a pivotal role at Acton’s Grill and Cafe, Will was looking for a new property to prosper and learn with.

Will is now the Maitre’D at the Crossed Keys, located above the Kings Arms Pub in Kentville and this outlet has provided such a great opportunity for Will to further explore his love of the food industry. He dislikes not being with his family on several holidays throughout the year but the rewards of satisfied guests and the appreciation of his colleagues makes it all worthwhile. His goal is to create a premier dining destination at the Crossed Keys and promote it as the only true steakhouse outside of the HRM. The Crossed Keys serves dry aged beef, including bison, wild boar and highland cattle. There are vegetarian and seafood options as well.

In his spare time Will, the ever active Chef, also enjoys fishing, hunting, farming and assisting with Minor Sports in the local area. Will also balances supporting his wife as she completes her second degree atDalhousie and watching his son as he matures into a young man, educationally and culturally. Will and his wife farm at Humble Hills Heritage Farm and have provided free range turkeys, chickens, and Muscovy ducks to many local restaurants. They’re looking forward to having pheasants available for next year.  Good luck Will and the best for a successful business!

You can find the Crossed Keys on the second floor of the Kings Arm pub, at 390 Main Street, Kentville. You can call 678-0066 for questions and they are open from Thursday-Saturday from 5:30-11:00pm. Make a reservation to make sure you get a spot!

~ Mike Butler