People – National Theatre Live

Friday, March 22, at 7  p.m., the Al Whittle Theatre is launching its new technology: a satellite feed allowing the capture of high-definition broadcasts of cultural events from all around the world.

Theatre, dance, opera, rock and classical music, art from major world museums, sponsored by local businesses and individuals–the possibilities are exciting.

The opening performance is People, a new comedy from the National Theatre in London, written by Alan Bennett, known for The History Boys and The Madness of King George.

People stars the award-winning Francis de la Tour as ex-Sixties model Lady Stacpoole, facing old age in a huge house she can no longer afford to keep up.

Should she hold an elaborate garage sale? turn the place over to the National Trust to become a museum?  or rent it out to a porn movie company who need a place to film Reach for the Thigh?

Like all comedies, there are important issues under consideration. If something doesn’t have a price, does it have a value? Should people and houses just be allowed to age as gracefully as possible–or “have work done”?

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