Liana vanderhof-Rhodenizer: Picture Perfect!

What a fun and random life I lead sometimes. I was walking down Central Avenue a few weeks ago and ran into a friend of mine who was taking part in a photo shoot. I pulled her right out of a shot so I could hug her and have a reunion of sorts… the photographer gave me a weird once over and I apologized and went on my merry way, thinking I would never have the chance to make it up to her for disrupting her shoot. Well, ladies and gentleman, that photographer was Liana vanderhof-Rhodenizer, and here’s me making it up to her.

Liana grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley; she’s married and has two adorable children (9 year old Kalana and 14 month old baby boy Hudson).

Liana works full time at Holland Home Leisure in New Minas, as manager of the Hot Tub and Patio Furniture Divisions. This has been her “day job” for the last eight years and she loves the work she does.

I know what you’re saying: “Wait a minute Mike, wasn’t she a photographer in the first paragraph?” Well yes she IS, just hold your horses! Liana is also a wonderful photographer. She has always had a love for photography and a true passion for the way a camera can capture a moment and make it last forever.

Liana says “I am a strong believer in following dreams, making time for yourself and doing what you love! Photography started as a hobby, and it turned into a passion and the passion turned into L. Rhodenizer Photography!”

Liana specializes in Children, Couples, Families, and a special shoot she calls “All About You” which turns you into a super model for the day! She custom designs a shoot to suit your personality and to showcase your inner beauty. I have seen the results from the shoot I interrupted and they are amazing. Check out Liana’s work on Facebook at; This is where you can find upcoming specials and promotions. You can also email Liana at or call 902-692-1383 to set up an appointment or ask questions. I have pored over her photos online many times this past week and I love her work. Brace yourselves everyone, the photos of the children are priceless!

When asked what she loves most about this area Liana replied “The Annapolis Valley is a photographer’s dream, with so many hidden beautiful spots to uncover, how could I not love it here”

Liana plans to keep growing her business and learning more about the art of photography and seeing where it takes her. She is thrilled to be able to meet so many people (politely or otherwise) and have them experience a comfortable photo shoot. Her favorite part is giving them the photos that they can cherish forever.

So take advantage of the beautiful weather coming up that hugs this area every year and take advantage of having a great photographer right next door; call Liana to set up an appointment. Grab some friends, family, your partner, or just treat yourself to the experience of a professional photo shoot. Snap her up so she can snap you up!

~ Mike Butler