Well, I am game for just about any new adventure and I am willing to try practically everything, as long as it’s safe and not crazy (like bungee jumping or driving standard). I have tested many of my comfort zones for this column, but this one went above and beyond, I think! I have been MANSCAPED, and I want to share the experience with you.

Last year, the kind folks at the In Good Hands Nails and Esthetics Spa in Wolfville invited me over to have a pedicure, try out some of their products, and then write about them. I had such a rewarding experience with them that I decided to go back for something a little less pleasing but just as beneficial.

The summer is SLOWLY approaching, and with the nice weather comes days on the beach, swimming in the pool, or walking around shirtless with the family at a campsite, picnic park or Wal-Mart. (Ha Ha!) So, because I am a hairy beast (not even kidding here folks: I am a gorilla), I decided to have some waxing done at the spa. Stop cringing, guys. It really wasn’t that bad. If I can do it, you can do it!

I mentioned the term “manscaping” earlier. This is a take on landscaping: the art of trimming, mowing, cutting, and removing unsightly things from your garden and yard. Manscaping (it’s an actual word in the dictionary) is the process of removing hair from the male body by shaving or waxing to create smooth surfaces and separate eyebrows, and clean up superfluous hair. We all get haircuts, don’t we? Unless you’re bald, of course. I have been working hard this past year to improve my physique, and I guess to go along with my new muscles I wanted a clean back and shoulders, two eyebrows, and another five pounds shed just in follicles.

I have always been hairy. I was able to grow a full beard by grade 8, and my nickname in high school was Austin Powers because we had identical hairy chests. While I have since learned to maintain that and other easier-to-reach areas of my body, I wanted a professional for the back and shoulders.

The process was intimidating, but I took it like a trouper. I was picturing a nice relaxing wax-on wax-off type thing, with soft music and candles and a chocolate afterwards. In many ways I received this, with the music, soft lighting, comfy table and grip bar, but I am not going to lie to you all: it hurt! The pain was like that of getting your upper lip slammed in a car door. But after the first two or three strips of hair were yanked off, I actually got into it and it was fine. The after-effects of tingling and sensitivity were shocking at first, but it looks great and I will go back. I want to thank Hugh at In Good Hands for being patient and gentle and educating me while I was being waxed. It was a fun experience, in some ways, especially when I got to do the countdown 3-2-1 and then RIP went the wax strip! I know, I have a sick sense of humour.

In Good Hands is located at 18 Elm Ave, next door to Il Dolce Far Niente Espresso Bar and is the go-to place for all things pampering in Wolfville. This fantastic organic spa is a real treat to have next door to my work. Their team of professional licensed estheticians are dedicated to meeting all of your health and beauty needs. They are committed to cleanliness, health and your well-being in their nurturing environment.

Their hair-removal experts use the quickest, most effective and comfortable techniques. Monthly visits ensure your skin stays silky-smooth and hair-free. If you have questions about any of their waxing services, call or email them. Go to their website or Facebook page and read all about their treatments and treat yourself to something different. Whether you would like a few hours of total relaxation or just a quick manicuring or polishing change, the qualified staff willbe happy to assist you. Call 542-3444 to book an appointment.



I will say that ALL bodies (hairless or furry) are beautiful, and this process is only for those who want it. It’s a neat experience to be hair-free in some areas, and it’s a bit addictive. So if you’re like me and want a change, then get to the ROOT of the problem. Father’s Day is right around the corner. so if you want your dad, boyfriend, partner, etc, to be pampered and come home less hairy, this is a great opportunity for gift certificates to be purchased. Tell them Mike sent you in and you want the SHAG CARPET BACK AND SHOULDERS SPECIAL!!! Good luck!




Mike Butler