The Grapevine is still here and we’re still committed to sharing the stories of the Annapolis Valley, but for the moment you’ll find those stories on this blog site, and on our Facebook page.

As an arts, culture, and events newspaper, and with so many events cancelled, and the small businesses who’ve supported our pages for so long now hurting, our ads are disappearing. They are our only source of revenue. So while we can’t publish a print edition for the next little while, we’re still going to share the news and stories of this Valley we love. We won’t be printing ads so we won’t be selling ads for the time being, which means we’re going to continue what we’ve always done, but this time for free, just because we love this Valley. We’re still going to be here celebrating our citizens, supporting our businesses, and highlighting all the beauty that is springing up here even amidst these difficult times.

We’re committed to helping keep this community stay connected. We’re living in a moment that will one day be the stuff of stories told, and there are stories here and now that we want to share with you. Now, more than ever, we need each other.

If individuals are inclined and able to help us out with our fixed costs during this time-period, we’re set up to receive community support from:

Thank you.