Valley Family Fun: Farm Visits

Farm Visits Family Fun By Laura Churchill Duke I recently spoke with a friend, now living in a big city in the United States, who has to drive his children over 20 minutes just to find a pocked of nature to explore. Being surrounded by nature and farmlands is something that we sometimes take for granted here in the Valley, and I think we shouldn’t. This is our list of places in the Valley where you can go to explore a variety of farms. There is a complete list on under Go Places – Farms and Zoos. Visit farms…
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Mud Creek Rotary Supports Farm to School Program

Mud Creek Rotary is a proud supporter of the Annapolis Valley Farm to School program. The Farm to School Committee provides a monthly free locally-grown vegetable or fruit snack from farms to students and staff participating in the AVRCE schools. The current program is running in 10 schools in the Annapolis Valley. This program increases food literacy, encourages healthy eating habits, and enhances access and exposure to local vegetables and fruits. Your toonies are making a difference in your community!

“Our Heritage Hearth: From Field to Farm”

“Our Heritage Hearth: From Field to Farm” Exploring The Roots of Valley Cooking From Garden to Table. Mid- September until Mid-December 2018 Before the rise of the “Farm to Table” movement there was our “Heritage Hearth.” Even with the dramatic changes to food processing and storage in the middle part of the last century, traditional gardening techniques and methods of preparing and serving food remained very much alive in Valley kitchens. Recipes for favourite dishes were kept and shared and passed down from generation to generation in cherished handwritten cookbooks. This exhibition celebrates those traditions and the people that…
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The Art Spot: Ericka Walker

The Art Spot: Ericka Walker This year, Uncommon Common Art began the year with another mural by Ericka Walker. Ericka Walker’s Mural – “Be Industrious That You May Live”, the motto of the King’s county Agricultural Society from 1806 onward, can be found at Longspell Point Farm on Medford Road in Kingsport. WHO: I am a visual artist living and working in the Head of St. Margaret’s Bay here in Nova Scotia. I am also an Associate Professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, in the Printmaking Area of the Fine Arts Division. I am a daughter…
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Second Annual Medicine of the People Herbal Celebration to take place at Gaspereau Herb Farm

Second Annual Medicine of the People Herbal Celebration to take place at Gaspereau Herb Farm On Sunday August 12 nature lovers of all backgrounds will gather for the second annual Medicine of the People, the largest herbal gathering in eastern Canada. Hosted at herbalist John Cummings’ Gaspereau Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary, and organized by Cummings and student herbalist Andrée-Anne Bédard (of Bardane Cuisine), the event aims to build on last year’s success. Presentations will include: Zenovia Ursuliak, MD, PhD, FRCPC, who will be introducing attendees to her herbal tool kit for addressing anxiety issues. As a psychiatrist, Ursuliak integrates…
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Acadia University Art Gallery: The Lorenzen Collection of Mushrooms

Acadia University Art Gallery: The Lorenzen Collection of Mushrooms By Alexandra Pulchny, Collections and Outreach Assistant, Acadia University Art Gallery One of my favourite collections belonging to the gallery is definitely the Lorenzen mushrooms. Ernest Lorenzen, a forester and naturalist from Denmark, and his wife Alma Goguen, an Acadian from Cocagne, New Brunswick, began making pottery in 1947 as a hobby while living in Dieppe, NB. Earnest typically used the pottery wheel, while Alma modelled by hand. While living in Dieppe, their clay source was quite far away and inaccessible by car. Lloyd Shaw, then-owner of the brick factory in…
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The Acadia University Art Gallery presents: “Maud Lewis: A Life Collected”

The Acadia University Art Gallery presents: “Maud Lewis: A Life Collected” By Dr. Laurie Dalton, Director and Curator August 3 – September 30, 2018 Join us for the opening reception on August 3 at 7pm! Much of the way in which people have come to understand the artist has been a result of storytelling. This exhibition presents a selection of Maud Lewis artwork from private collections, along with memories of how people have come to collect her work. These demonstrate the ways in which we have come to remember, know, and situate the work of the artist. While Maud Lewis…
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Valley Family Fun: Young Picassos

Valley Family Fun: Young Picassos By Laura Churchill Duke “It is never too early to introduce kids to art,” explains Laurie Dalton, director and curator of the Acadia Art Gallery. Many parents are nervous about taking their children to an art gallery. Is it appropriate? Will they be bored? Will they be the one to knock over the sculpture? Dalton gives the following tips: Bring a bag of colour swatches and shapes. Give each child a colour or shape and ask them to find something in the gallery that is the same shape or colour. Buy a postcard at the…
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Mike Uncorked: The Wedding!!!

Mike Uncorked: The Wedding!!! By Mike Butler On July 14, 2018 at 2:00 in the afternoon, I married the most wonderful man on the planet! It was a day (and a process) that was beyond perfect. The support Ian and I have received since day one of our relationship leading up to the wedding day is so profound and overwhelming and I thought I would dedicate this Mike Uncorked to our special day for everyone to read about and be a part of. How it all began … I’m a sappy romantic at heart and I believe in time and…
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