Spring Song

Spring Song It’s a world-wide hit Annie-Mae, Annie-Mae Hear the world hum along… RNA, DNA.   Fill your strong lungs Flash your jaunty red tail Let’s hike in the woods And then check emails.   Dad’s on the Dole The sap is still running There’s wood to be cut And summer is coming.   The sun’s at the window The seeds are all sprouting See 100 ft rows Good earth and hoeing.   -Bernard Irvin    

Visually Speaking: Being an Artist in the Shadow of the Pandemic

Visually Speaking:  Being an Artist in the Shadow of the Pandemic By Anna Horsnell Wow. Our world has been shaken and things have changed very quickly. By the time you read this, the situation will no doubt be different again. We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in some way, and the cultural community is no different. Concerts and performances have been cancelled. Whole theatre productions have been put on hold. Movie releases have been pushed to later dates, and galleries have closed. As an artist myself, here is my story as one example of how artists are meeting the…
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Mike Uncorked: The Quarantine Diaries

Mike Uncorked: The Quarantine Diaries By Mike Butler We are living in very weird times. I am pretty optimistic, but I also work in retail and have the confused joy of listening to the opinions, tidbits, anecdotes and quandaries of my customers and it’s been fairly tough to stay at my usual sunshiney-rainbowy self, but I’m managing—I’ve got to! Being an ear to the process of this virus has been eye-opening to say the least, and now that I am home from work until further notice, in a space that I did not spend a lot of time in before….
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2020-21 Acadia Performing Arts Series: A Series Driven by Wonderfully Musical Women!

2020-21 Acadia Performing Arts Series:A Series Driven by Wonderfully Musical Women! With Michael Kaeshammer on April 5, and Wonderheads Theatre’s Grim & Fischer on April 23, the 2019-20 Acadia Performing Arts Series still has two of its very best events to present, and yet, we’re already preparing to launch the 2020-21 Series, and what a Series it will be! It will be launched officially on April 5 at the Michael Kaeshammer concert, and 2020-21 subscriptions will go on sale. Individual concert tickets will go on sale during the summer. Our glossy Series brochure containing all details will also be ready for April…
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Learning is Not All in Your Head

Learning is Not All in Your HeadKathleen Purdy, Alexander Society for Inclusive Arts It is gratifying to see the media devote more time to the importance of children playing outside, which recognizes the value of movement itself as a major learning modality. In the last 25 years a lot has been learned about the brain and the interrelationships between physical movement, human development, and cognitive learning. Among neurologists there is a growing understanding of brain plasticity. According to Dr. Norman Doidge, “neuro-plasticity is the property of the brain that enables it to change its own structure and functioning in response…
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Valley Crossroads Health & Wellness Centre

Valley Crossroads Health & Wellness CentreEmily Leeson The Valley Crossword Health and Wellness Centre in New Minas is now just months away from opening its doors. The centre currently under construction is a collaboration between three local doctors, Dr. Craig White, Dr. Mark Johnston, and Dr. Chris King. When its doors open later this spring, the centre will be home to at least two family practices and a host of other health-related businesses. It’s poised to offer a fresh new space for healthcare, and in doing so hopefully encourage other medical professionals to consider calling the Valley home to their…
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New Wellness Clinic in Kentville: The Healing Station

New Wellness Clinic in Kentville: The Healing StationGenevieve Allen Hearn Main Street Station is certainly shaping up to be quite the service hub in Kentville. You can now drop off your tailoring needs, get a shave and haircut, fill up your cider growler, and then drop by The Healing Station Natural Health Clinic for a massage, or perhaps acupuncture, or a consultation with a naturopath. All these services are offered under one roof by five different health care providers: naturopathic doctor Amy Florian, acupuncturist Sharon Conroy, and registered massage therapists Andrea MacDonald, Tamarah D’Entremont, and Bethany Hayes. Before opening the…
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Keeping Our Community Strong: COVID-19

Keeping Our Community Strong: COVID-19Emily Leeson It is time to be responsible, considerate, and kind with each other — it is time to showcase the very best of what community means in the Annapolis Valley. While there’s been plenty of talk about panic-buying and people stockpiling toilet paper, there are actually plenty of practical things Valley residents can do to help reduce the impact of the pandemic in Nova Scotia. COVID-19 spreads from person to person by way of the droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Those droplets can travel approximately one metre and it appears…
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Marie’s Occasional Report: A Love Letter to Wolfville

Marie’s Occasional Report: A Love Letter to WolfvilleBy Marie Mossman Why do I love thee, Wolfville? Is it for your beauty, food, and inviting drinks? It could be, but no. I love you, my fair town, for another reason. Your Acadia students energize my step when I walk among them downtown. In groups or alone, they flash their youthful smiles. Sometimes, they hold a door for me, because they do that sort of thing. In the gym, they interact with all respectfully, young or old, muscled or not, stylish or dressed in faded cotton knits. The students’ fitness instructions, music…
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The Ulysses String Quartet in the Garden Room on March 1

The Ulysses String Quartet in the Garden Room on March 1By Janet Kirkconnell Performances by the Ulysses String Quartet, founded in the summer of 2015, and at present the graduate quartet-in-residence at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, have been greeted by critics with unbridled enthusiasm. “Emotively and dynamically, the quartet is particularly astounding” wrote one critic in The Guardian. They were praised by The Strad magazine for their “textural versatility,” “grave beauty,” and “the kind of chemistry many quartets long for, but rarely achieve.” San Diego Story noted their “avid enthusiasm… [with] chops to back up…
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