Berries & Friends: What’s Growing at U-Picks Around The Valley

Berries & Friends: What’s Growing at U-Picks Around The Valley
By Lindsey Redden


Most strawberries are $1-2/quart.
Expected end of season is late July/early August.

Bob Ansems U-Pick
1949 Lakewood Road, Steam Mill, open 8am-8pm

Bosveld’s Fruit Farm
183 Lamont Road, Lakeville, open 7am-12pm and 5pm-dusk
902-678-8767 or facebook

Evan’s Family Farm Market
13842 Highway 1, Wilmot, open 8am-5pm
902-825-3284 or facebook

Harry Morse Farms
4127 Brooklyn Street, Somerset, open 8am-6pm

Kennie’s Strawberry Farm
1164 Upper Church Street, Kentville, open at 8am

Morse’s Farm (Anthony Morse)
114 Main Street, Berwick, open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm,
Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm.
902-538-8446 or facebook

Other Fruit:

Raspberry season start: mid-late July.
Blueberry season start: late July/early August.

Blueberry Land
2111 Highway 359, Centreville, open 10am-6pm
Spray-Free Blueberries: $2-3/lb

Coldweather Farms
920 Gaspereau River Road, Gaspereau, open 7am-dusk
Raspberries: $3-5/pint

Elderkin’s Farm Market
10362 Highway 1, Greenwich, open 8am-9pm, Sunday 9am-9pm
Cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries: $3-5/pint
Gooseberries: $4-5/quart

Mac Berry Farms
Raspberries: $3-4/lb
9148 Highway 21, Sheffield Mills
Blueberries: $2-3/lb
1279 Sherman Belcher Road, Centreville

Reimer Gardens
2121 Black Rock Road, Waterville, open 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday
Raspberries: $3-4/pint
Blueberries: $2-3/pint

Vital Berry Farms
366 Gibson Woods Road, Centreville, open 9am-5pm, closed Wednesdays
Raspberries: $3-5/pint

Bring your own boxes or buy them on-site.