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Kitchen Party All Summer in Canning

Kitchen Party All Summer in Canning By Kim Barlow The main questions people asked when I moved to Canning in 2013 were “Why way over in Canning?” (often from people in Wolfville or Kentville), and “Do you think you’ll stay?” After a few winters, I think I understand about the first question. Canning may as well be on the moon when you have to drive across the dykes at night in a snowstorm. The second question, I think, has to do with the viability of choosing to live in rural Nova Scotia, with fewer options and resources than larger centres….
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A Handful of Clay and Concern for the Earth

A Handful of Clay and Concern for the Earth By Anna Horsnell Tracy Horsman’s pottery and ceramic art studio resides within a wonderful log cabin on her property overlooking Cape Blomidon and the Minas Basin. She doesn’t need to look far for inspiration. The surrounding fields and woodlands provide the perfect backdrop for creations made from the earth itself. This is art that truly requires getting your hands dirty and Horsman admits she fell in love with clay the moment she first held it in her hands as a child. “I love the smell of it, the squishiness of it,…
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Who’s Who: Lori Moore

Who’s Who: Lori Moore By Mike Butler Spring has sprung, and actually, I think summer might just be around the corner. It’s the time of year to get outside and enjoy the sun and beautiful energy of your community. It’s also a great time to exercise your body, mind, and soul and I know just the person to help you do that. Lori Moore was born just outside of Dartmouth, NS, in what was at the time Halifax County. She always wanted to be a teacher, but it seemed like an impossible feat to meet the needs of 28 students…
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Mike Uncorked: Mason & Lutes Take Over Union Street

Mike Uncorked: Mason & Lutes Take Over Union Street By Mike Butler I have got a great date night idea for everyone! Grab your partner and head to the Union Street Cafe on June 15 to hear two incredible performers: Garrett Mason and special guest poet J.G. Lutes! This is going to be a very special evening of entertainment and you don’t want to miss it! The dynamic duo of Garrett Mason and J.G.Lutes is all kinds of awesome. They find purpose in creating art and they’re taking it on the road to share with part of the country. Come…
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The Apple, and How it Gets That Way

The Apple, and How it Gets That Way By Joan Hebb Have you ever really thought much about where apples come from? You might think that they are just like corn or flowers; plant a seed and you will have some apples. Well, apples are a little more interesting and complicated than that. Let’s explore the wild world of apples. Apples are part of the rose family and originated in Central Asia. They were brought to North America by European colonists hundreds of years ago. Apples have a purpose, beyond being a tasty snack for people and horses. Apples are…
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Highlights from The 21st Great Little Art Show

Highlights from The 21st Great Little Art Show By Tacha Reed Most look back on their 21st year as a time of exploration and growth, and the same can be said for much of the artwork in this year’s collection for The Great Little Art Show. Many returning artists have presented works that provide evidence of a period of great exploration and development. We’ve also had a number of artists bravely join us for the first time, with several sharing works that may challenge your expectations for a rural community arts exhibit. The 21st Great Little Art Show continues weekends…
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Don’t Tell my Mommy: A Poem for Mother’s Day

Don’t Tell my Mommy By Colette Peng (10) and Carmen Peng (13) I asked Mommy where I was from, Mommy smiled, “I found you on the street.” I knew Mommy was wrong, But how could I tell her, As that would hurt Mommy’s feeling. I’ll tell you how I know: My dad’s last name is Peng, My sisters’ last name is Peng, Mine is also Peng, Only Mommy’s is Chang. Now you know, Who was found on the street, But please, don’t tell this secret To my Mommy!  

Festival Spotlight: ArtFestival Wolfville

Festival Spotlight: ArtFestival Wolfville Make sure you save the date to attend the 12th Annual ArtFestival Wolfville featuring the work of the members of Evangeline Artists’ Cooperative. The festival will showcase paintings and handmade silverwork with precious stones. This is a family-friendly event with music, food, and fun for all. The work of more than fifteen members of the cooperative will provide a perfect opportunity to appreciate some of the beautiful work of local artists. Make sure you come early to get the best selection. The festival will be held Saturday July 27 from 8:30am to 2:00pm in outdoor tents…
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Festival Spotlight: Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Annapolis Valley Exhibition August 12 to August 17 Lawrencetown “Starting in 1927 as the Riverside Guernsey Club Show, our Ex became known as the Annapolis County Exhibition and later the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. It began as a 1-day show, but changed to a 2-day event in 1928, adding a large tent to showcase indoor events. The first permanent building to be constructed was the dining hall in 1930, at a cost of $1,100. Two large barns and a sheep shed were next to be added. The exhibition has operated annually since its inception, and during the 1950s and early ’60s…
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Festival Spotlight: Kempt Shore Festivals

Festival Spotlight: Kempt Shore Festivals Kempt Shore Ocean View Campground is a gorgeous twenty-acre site in Kempt Shore, Hants County with 800 feet of sandy beach frontage on the beautiful Minas Basin at the mouth of the Avon River. This is the site of the Acoustic Maritime Music Festival, held the third full weekend of July, when we present a variety of world class music to fans. Everything from blues, folk, country and jazz to Texas swing, all done through microphones as much as possible and not electronically augmented, allowing the artists to show their special talents. New this year…
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