Daytripper: A Day of Art

Daytripper: A Day of Art
By Evan Tanner

Looking to spend an awesome summer day in Wolfville? Why not fill it with art! Take a day and explore the five public art pieces throughout town, presented by Uncommon Common Art. Each piece also has a geocache, so be sure to check that out as well!

Start your day by taking a hike around Reservoir Park, and interact with “Sounding the Trees” by Brenda Sheppard. Each tree sounds a different pitch when hit; try playing your favourite songs, or try the sheet music stored with the guestbook. This installation is about recognizing trees as distinct entities, each with their own particular sound. When you’re finished at the park, walk the Millennial Trail to downtown Wolfville, where you can stop at T.A.N. Coffee to grab a drink!

Next, head to Willow Park and check out “Knitting Our Roots” by Jane Whitten. This work features three trees that have been outfitted with soft knitted roots, and is a response to our need to set down roots while considering changes in available and/or preferred materials for economic, social, and environmental reasons. Kids will love the nearby playground, or you can take a break by the pond. If you are visiting Wolfville, this is a great opportunity to visit the Visitor Information Centre.

Next, head to the Harvest Moon Trail, where you’ll find “Grove” by Ben Mosher. If you head down the trail toward Elm Street, you can find fifteen trees with blue tags asking “What would you say to this tree?” Feel free to send your thoughts to the trees, considering the important work they do for us, and for other forms of life.

Continuing on from “Grove,” stop by the Waterfront Park. Take in the view of the Bay of Fundy, relax on the grass, or have lunch at the picnic tables! Here, you can find “Dancing in the Dark” by Ray Mackie: several blue rays hidden in the bushes. These vibrant blue rays look strangely natural on land, and have become the alter ego for an artist named Ray.

Finally, take time to visit “Crown” by Gerald Beaulieu, at Clock Park. The largest piece in Uncommon Common Art this year, it is a toppled copper crown, based on a tree trunk, decorated with yellow jewels. Each jewel is unique, so make sure to observe them all! After being in the presence of a crown, why not check out Wolfville’s newest restaurant and pub, Kings Arms Commons, and end the day with a drink and a meal!

We hope you enjoy a day full of public environmental art! Check out more of Uncommon Common Art at:

*Image: Ernest Cadegan*