The Grapevine Asks: Clock Park

The snow fence has been removed and the grass is almost fully in. I had a chance to walk around Wolfville’s newest park (Main & Elm Ave) and had a couple of questions. So I asked Kevin Kerr, Wolfville’s Director of Public Works.


When is the official opening? It’s scheduled for October 14th 


Why was gravel-cover chosen over traditional grass?  There is a Plaza area and furniture to be placed in the gravel area between the Clock and the Ivy deck along Elm Ave. The gravel will wear better with the increased pedestrian traffic than grass would.


What is the significance behind the dates found in the rocks throughout the park? The dates are from the Wolfville Historical Society and are 5 significant dates in the history of the site. They will need further research and write up before they get officially written up, but here are the short notes of the dates.
1766meeting house for multi denominational congregations worship and courthouse

1858 Reverend John Chase


1861Alice Shaw takes over resident house and opens the Grand Pre Seminary

1870Seminary closes and series of hotels on-site – Acadia, Temperance, Royal, Evangeline

1941Student housing residence during the war and noted in 1945 as Acadia’s men’s residences.


Tell us more!  “The furniture and other amenities in the park will be provided as funding permits. We are working with NSCC and have a planting day scheduled in September to get some plants in the beds throughout the park. The Historical Society may be able to provide additional information with respect to the dates. This information will eventually be included on an interpretive panel to be placed in the park.”

Thanks Kevin!