Mud Creek Days Wrap-Up

img_0469Mud Creek, the original name of Wolfville, was changed around 1828-1830. One explanation for the amendment is that Elisha DeWolfe Jr’s nieces were embarrassed from telling their friends where they were from. In contrast, after a successful week of Mud Creek events (July 19th-26th), today’s residents can certainly remain proud of who we are.
In terms of community and business participation, although things can always be stronger (you can say that about everything can’t you?), involvement was notably greater than in recent years.
Mudley, the town mascot, wanted a birthday cake for his 116th year and he received over 20 chocolate offerings at the Lion’s Hall. Rakesh Gupta’s team of 4 said that inspiration for involvement came after a few rounds at Paddy’s. Fittingly, these drinks were eventually reimbursed by the $40 top-prize in the 18 years and older category.
On Saturday night, after a sluggish start, the firework show didn’t disappoint. The crowd started getting into it with some large boomers and a prolonged rapid-fire red and white spectacle followed by a most impressive shimmering blast. Although official numbers are unknown, it would be safe to say at least 600 people were on-hand around the waterfront to watch the festivities.
New to Wolfville, and an incredible hit, was the RBC Talent Show. The top 8 entries from the auditions, ranging from ages 7 to over 60, competed for the $500 top prize in front of a standing-room only crowd at the Al Whittle Theatre. Nine-year-old pianist Chantel Peng edged out the People’s Choice winner ($300), Laura Roy, and singers Emma Belliveau & Giverny Mercier.  Laura, who heard about the competition on the radio while picking apples, noted the smooth organization of the event and the incredible talent of Chantel. Leslie Malley from RBC seconded this opinion by stating that young Ms. Peng certainly has a bright future.
Cathy Whynot from Casa Bella Gifts mentioned that the Saturday sidewalk sale, participated in by just a handful of merchants, brought in more business as customers really liked the idea. This event has the potential to become something really special with more commercial buy-in.
Of course, no Mud Creek Days would be complete without a little mud challenge. This BMO backed event (which, through hot dogs, raised $225 for the Lovis Foundation) included fun with muddy kiddie pools, muddy relay races, a giant slip’N slide and a tug-O-war finale. seven teams (6 corporate) battled until the Shopper’s Drug Mart “Dealers” outlasted the Rec Team “Jr. Nats” resulting in the hoisting of the official BMO Muddley trophy (A mounted spray-painted Elmo doll).
Other notables from the week included the Tastes of the Valley entrants needing to run back to their restaurants to re-stock their offerings as the Farmers’ Market was hopping. In addition, the Randall House museum pre-registered 18 children for the boat-building workshop in addition to having more than enough people to fill their 60th anniversary celebrations.
Yes, the slip’N slide should have been opened up to the public afterwards but, all in all, these events demonstrated the addicting energy of this town.

– Jeremy Novak