FISHING by Jeremy Webb

In Fishing, Jeremy Webb plays Paul Fisher; a 40-something, single, newspaper cartoonist. He has a failed marriage behind him and a history of ‘going-nowhere’ relationships. Although he assumes there is no hope; he is not alone. He is persuaded by his boss to join the global internet dating site ‘’.

Somehow Paul manages to get seven “nibbles” and arranges seven ‘dates’ in seven days. FISHING is about a week in the bizarre world of internet dating. One in five relationships now start on the internet, but every date arranged over cyberspace is potentially hazardous to your health.

At the end of his seven days, Paul Fisher will definitely never be the same again; but will he have landed the fish of his dreams? Fishing also stars Stacy Smith and is directed by Alexis Milligan.

The play is touring the Maritimes with performances at The Evergreen Theatre (Margaretsville, on May 25) and The Al Whittle Theatre (Wolfville, on May 26, 27, 29 & 30).