Rose Harden Workshop/Show

I met Rose Harden about 7 years on Salt Spring Island, BC. Rose had traveled there from San Fran- cisco to visit her cousin, Andrea, who was one of my belly dance students & troupe members. I didn’t know much about Rose at the time but, after we met for coffee, was overjoyed to learn she had been a very active member of “Ultra Gypsy”, a very innovative troupe who had inspired me to be more creative in my music & costume choices.

It is interesting that San Fran- cisco is the current hotbed of belly dance as a performance
art. Tribal Fusion belly dance has been a strong force there for over a decade & many of us travel there to work with the best teachers.

Rose is fast becoming a sought- after performer & teacher. Per- haps one of her biggest successes is her work as a guest dancer with the very popular Beats Antique, whose music is a blend of electronica & Middle Eastern rhythms.

On Friday, April 27th, she, along with belly dancers from all around the Maritimes, will be performing at the “Rose Hips Belly Dance Show” at 7 pm at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market. Tickets are $12 at the door. On April 28th & 29th, the workshops will be held at “The Coop” at 945 Church St., Port Williams. It will be catered by “The Hip Rose Catering Company” (notice all the “rose” energy!!!) For more info:

~Angie Oriana Jenkins