Back on the Mountain

The Hupman Brothers have recently put out their new album Back On The Mountain and will be performing the songs at their CD release concert on November 24th at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. The new album, their best yet, is an outstanding collection of tunes, all recorded at the Hupmans’ home studio up on the south mountain.

The songs cover a wide array of genres; there’s a little country, a little funk, all rounded out by a few of their classic blues numbers, and all still having that distinct Hupman sound. This album continues on in the acoustic vein of their last album, Loveseat Volume 2, a style that really works for them, and fits with the mountain vibe that ties a lot of the songs together. The lyrics hover around things like garlic patches, broken down barns, bread dough, bacon, and hard work.

As usual, the album has Scott Hupman providing the driving rhythmic backbone to the music, and Ryan supplying his expert vocals and A-1 guitar work. But they have really come upon something wonderful with the addition of Chris Robison and Adam Bazinet on bass and drums. The four of them together have settled into a great sound on this album: a laid-back, brotherly, good-timey feel that brings the Hupmans to another level musically.

Back On The Mountain delivers that same awesome blend we’ve come to expect of Hupman Brothers albums: achingly beautiful love songs, witty wordplay & humour, energetic showmanship, and of course, incredible talent.

Come see the show this Saturday at 8pm in the Al Whittle Theatre, tickets are $15 and available in advance at the Rolled Oat Café