Lola Osborne-Gidney: The Wind Beneath The WIGS!

I met her through email from my friend Jocelyn. 

She’s an image consultant with a pretty grin.

Her name is LOLA…  L-O-L-A  LOLA! 

I have wanted to do a Who’s Who on a person named Lola for a long time JUST so I can start my intro that way! What a wonderful lady you’re about to read up on.

Lola Osborne-Gidney is originally from Quebec. She moved here 19 years ago. Family is very important to her, so Nova Scotia is a great fit: one of Lola’s brothers is handy, and Lola’s parents moved here seven years ago. She is the mother of two (both are at MSVU studying to be doctors), and she loves living in this beautiful area.

Lola is a Total Image Consultant. She took a course at NSCC in Middleton, and soon afterward started her own business, Lola’s Touch of Beauty, located at 95 Commercial Street in Middleton. Lola always wanted to be a doctor, but she had her daughter at a young age, shifting her life path (in a good way), so a different career was in order. She always loved doing hair and makeup, so she is a doctor of sorts… a doctor of beautification!  Lola says, “Making people look good makes them feel good and this is a very rewarding part of my work.

About eight years ago, Lola saw a need for wigs in our area for ladies with cancer. After hearing that these ladies were being charged the full retail price of $150-$500 for their wigs, she was disgusted! What with these women having to worry about treatments and taking care of family, etc., Lola felt that having to pay so much for a wig was atrocious. Shortly after losing a best friend to a brain tumour, Lola started a wig-lending program out of her business. She began buying her wigs through a wholesaler and lending these wigs to women going through the process of chemotherapy. This is something Lola pays for on her own, with no funding coming back to her. Sadly, there are so many people in need and not enough wigs to go around. In fact, writing this profile on Lola is not a form of advertising for this portion of her business, because the demand would be far too high, but I need to include it because I was so touched by her efforts.

Lola says, “I use my tips from my amazing clients at work to buy wigs, and I use my own income, so really they’re the ones who deserve the credit. And I have had some amazing women who have, as a thank you, sent me money that I pass on to buy another wig—so they help without knowing it. I strongly believe we were put on earth to help each other in any way we can. I hope this article will encourage other hair stylists to do their part to help out.”

For the past five years I have donated money to the Run for the Cure, but this year, after having had a close friend diagnosed with breast cancer, I fundraised and took part in the actual walk for the first time. It was inspiring to see the fighters and survivors. Taking that extra step made me feel great and more determined for next year.

Lola says, “To be able to put a smile on their face by lending them hair is the best feeling.I  feel so strongly about this. I often extend my own bills to buy wigs. I believe in God and I know he takes care of things, so…bills in life can wait for us healthy people, but having hair ready for when you lose it to chemo cannot wait. To some people it doesn’t bother them to lose their hair, but for the majority I have witnessed, it is an awful feeling, and I want to help them.”

It’s not all work for Lola. For fun, she goes sea-glass–hunting with her husband and spends as much time outside as possible. She’s also an active member of the Digby Wesleyan Church, who pride themselves on helping out in the community. Lola plans to continue with her work, as she loves what she does. She’s hoping to expand the wig-lending program and spreading the notion of making the world better by making others feel good. Lola doesn’t worry about the future, because she has no control over it. She wakes up every day and goes to work and helps others, and she’ll do this for as long as God lets her. She lives for today and she loves with all her heart. It’s a simple idea but with amazing results. Thank you, Lola!

She works very hard each and every day

Doing God’s work in her own special way

Her name is LOLA…. L-O-L-A  LOLA !


You can find Lola on Facebook at Lola’s Touch of Beauty, call her for information at 825-2125, or email with questions to

Mike Butler