n case you haven’t heard yet, a really big deal is going to happen here in Wolfville on June 14! Expect to see our town invaded by coin belts & a trail of glitter as belly dancers from all over the Atlantic provinces gather for a weekend of workshops & a show.

I fell in love with tribal belly dance over 10 years ago after visiting San Francisco. And then, not long after, I saw the Belly Dance Superstars (a large troupe of dancers created by Miles Copeland, former manager of ‘The Police’) in Vancouver & was immediately entranced by the tribal contingent of the show.

Kami Liddle, who currently resides in San Francisco, is one of the dancers & choreographers of the aforementioned troupe. I was blessed to see her dance when they came to Casino Nova Scotia in Halfax a few years ago. For her to visit our town & share her talent is really something! The workshops were half full just an hour after the registration & have since sold out.

The show promises to be a sparkle fest!! You will see some of the best belly dancers around, including Kami, this Saturday night at the Al Whittle!

For more info: Angie Oriana Jenkins,