Lights! Camera! Action!

I was so excited when Terri Lynn Blanchard agreed to be profiled here in the Grapevine.  I have followed Terri Lynn on Facebook and think her photos are stunning and I really wanted to help promote her and her work to all my readers.  It’s summertime – what better way to encapsulate the fun times with warm weather, family, friends (and weddings & reunions etc.) than to have a professional photographer handy to capture those moments for you.  Terri Lynn Blanchard is just the photographer for the job.  I was also thrilled to write about her because she is the only other TERRI LYNN I’ve ever met, other than my older sister, so it was neat to have that connection.

Terri Lynn Blanchard was born in Halifax and raised in the Windsor area.  At a young age, she married Peter Blanchard, who grew up in Ellershouse.  Shortly after they hitched, they headed to Alberta for what was to be a two-year period, but which turned out to be a 30-year adventure! Terri discloses “In 2008 we made a major decision to move back to our roots – leaving behind a daughter, a son, one grandchild and other family members.  Not an easy choice but one we felt we had to do.”  Peter and Terri Lynn now call Ellershouse home.

Time to zoom in for a Close up…

Terri Lynn worked for approximately 20 years in the medical field while living in Alberta. When they returned to Nova Scotia she wanted to do something totally different, but equally rewarding, that would fit into the new schedule of traveling between here and Alberta to frequently visit all her family.  Terri Lynn has always loved the arts and in particular, photography, but had never pursued that interest in depth. Sometime after her return home, a childhood friend of her husbands, who is also a photographer, approached Terri Lynn. He had seen some of Terri Lynn’s photos in their home and encouraged her to take photography to the next level.

Camera in position… ready…. Say Cheese!

Terri says, “I was astounded by his comments.  I love to take pictures, but didn’t realize I could actually do it!  So I stepped out and began taking photography more seriously with great enjoyment in my newfound hobby.  I think it was in 2010 when he asked me if I would like to do a photo exhibit with him and the theme would be churches. We did the exhibit in July 2011 at the historic Ellershouse St. Louise Church.  I loved the experience so much that I thought that we should do another one at the end of November for a Christmas event.  Again we held it in the Ellerhouse Church and it was well received.”   This coming November will be the fourth annual ‘In the Village’ fundraiser in which proceeds go to help keeping the church open.  Keep an eye out for more details in the fall!

Smile again… You’re in the Spotlight…

A few years ago, Terri Lynn started up her own photography business, Transformed Life Photography.  She loves doing scenery and architectural shots, family photos, portraits, wedding pictures, and business photography.  She enjoys the editing process a lot and of course, finds great reward in the finished products she presents to clients.

She recently set up a gallery/studio at Ste. Louise Union United Church (16 Maple Ave., Ellershouse, NS).  Her regular summer hours are Thurs to Sat from 10am to 4pm.  This changes a little when she is contracted to shoot a wedding – for example, the gallery will be closed on Saturday, July 19 and Saturday, Aug 30.   To make an appointment to either see the gallery or book a photo session, you can contact Terri Lynn at (902) 253-2113 or at transformedlifephotography@gmail.com.  You can also get a peek at her work by checking out “Transformed Life Photos by Terri Lynn” on Facebook.

When Terri isn’t taking beautiful photos, she’s singing in churches.  She loves to dance (in her home by herself mostly), take long walks, hike, snowshoe, and spend as much time as possible with her family and grandchild.  She also insisted I mention how much she enjoys spending time with her husband, who is an incredible supporter of her goals and ambitions.

On Ellerhouse, Terri comments, “It’s a beautiful place to live.  I love the people and the surroundings here.  It is really an excellent location.  Just outside Windsor, the gateway to the Valley and close to the city.  It’s the best of both worlds, the heart of Nova Scotia.  I believe as I get more established in my business that I am in an excellent area.  It is a little off the beaten trail, but well worth the drive.  The uniqueness of the village is one of the things I love here.  I hope that Transformed Life Photography and ‘In the Village’ will grow and prosper and will be a benefit to the people here and the surrounding area and that many will come to know this little place”.

As you’ve transformed your subjects into beautiful photographs may your life continue to be transformed and enriched by your talent.  Best of luck Terri Lynn!

Photo Session Complete….

Mike Butler