F is for FISHING

Fishing is one of those quintessential Maritime activities everyone should try at least once. It’s also a great activity to do with your kids.

Fishing with children can be really enjoyable. There is no perfect age to begin, as a lot of it depends on the child’s personality. Many children can start as young as two or three years old. Although there is fishing equipment available for children, most fishing gurus suggest just letting children use adult gear as it works better.

When teaching your children to fish, start on shore to make sure children have a lot of space and one-on-one attention until they get the hang of casting their rods. Once the children get the hang of casting their rods and feel more confident, then try fishing from a canoe. Don’t take children out for long sessions. Patience is required.

There are many great places to try fishing. Some places include freshwater lakes like Aylesford lake, Silver Lake (which is stocked), or Gaspereau Lake.

Still confused and unsure where to start? Why not join Perry Munro of Mountain Maple in Black River on one of his fishing tours that run from May to October? Or look into the Learn2Fish program offered by the Department of Fisheries. Be sure to check with Service Nova Scotia about fishing license rules and regulations before heading out. For more information visit www.valleyfamilyfun.ca!

Laura Churchill Duke