Give Luke a Lift

Help our hero Luke Sanford get the LIFT he deserves.  Luke is hoping to raise enough funds to purchase a wheelchair lift that will give him access to his family’s van.

Luke does not have a specific diagnosis but has significant physical and developmental needs. He has used a wheelchair since he was a preschooler.  Luke is non-verbal as well as deaf.  He has taught himself to read lips and uses a combination of picture symbols, and simple signs and gestures, to communicate.

Luke has had a profound influence on many individuals of all ages. He has been a life-changer for many Acadia students who volunteered with him in the SMILE Program – several of whom continue to connect with him years after.  And one of his favorite teachers, Kimberly Matheson, wrote and recorded a song about him.   Luke graduated from High School in 2012 and is now a part time employee at New Boundaries in Windsor and a friend of the L’Arche Wolfville community.  He is also busy popping popcorn for his business: KERNEL SANFORD – The POPCORN MAN.

We are now at the stage where Luke requires an accessible van to continue embracing life to the fullest, so we are inviting your support to assist him.  We would also like to express our gratitude to you for believing in Luke. There are many times in life when we are faced with the choice of seeing things as obstacles or seeing them as opportunities.  Luke has shown us that focusing on opportunities provides a more complete and fulfilling life experience. Luke’s love of life and the way he embraces each moment to strive towards his full potential is nothing short of heroic.

Visit to donate, and see how you can help our hero.