Return of the Piggy-bank

A few days ago, we were cleaning out our basement and getting rid of a few items that we didn’t need anymore. With students arriving in town and setting up their own apartments, it seemed like the perfect time to put a few things out on the end of our driveway in hopes that someone passing by might want to give our giveaways a new home. Included in the mix was a small piggy-bank that had been hanging around us through various moves but had never made it out of the moving boxes. Though apparently not to our taste, we hoped someone else would happily cart it away. And indeed they did. Throughout the day, various people picked up what they needed and wanted until all that was left was one small lamp. We were pleased with the outcome and the ease of the free transactions.  However, we were even more pleased (and surprised) when a little later into the evening, our friendly neighbour stopped by to tell us that she felt she’d taken something a bit more expensive than she’d meant to for free and she wanted to return it.  It turns out our little piggy-bank had been harbouring a secret sum which we’d long since forgotten about. Our honest neighbour was happy to give the piggy-bank a new home but also happy to return the cash to us!

Many thanks!

Jesse Gadon