Support a local farmer, artist, student, and an international community all in one go!

That’s the hope of one of the artists being featured at Jack’s Gallery this month, located in the Just Us coffee shop in Wolfville. Rachel Morrison, a fourth year Acadia University student, hopes to raise enough money to help fund her international community development trip to Peru this coming March.

Each winter, the students in their final year of study in the Community Development program, embark on a three-week community development project, the culmination of their studies in the bachelor degree program. This project takes the form of two local initiatives and one international, this year taking place in Peru. In order to get there, the students need to raise over $3,000 each.

Aside from being a student, Rachel has been a professional artist for many years, creating commissioned artwork (watercolour paintings and graphite renderings) and working as a commercial artist. This art show is her first fine art venture and the first time her work has been shown in a gallery. The theme for her show is local agriculture – this is a very personal topic for her, as she and her partner also began a small farming business this past year. Inspired by her garden work, many of the photos referenced in her paintings were taken at her farm this past summer.

The show will be in the gallery until October 26th, 2014. For more information, please visit the Facebook page:, or Rachel’s blog at: