Women Of Wolfville Presents

The Women of Wolfville are about to mount their ninth annual production – Stirring the Pot: WOW Dishes It Out.

Food, in case anyone thought otherwise, is a complicated business in 2010. The Women of Wolfville have wanted to examine the food we eat for several years. Stirring the Pot is our collective response to a myriad of food-related issues facing the post-modern world. These days food can be an escape, a diversion or a dedicated pursuit. Today obesity abounds and eating disorders are not uncommon in the midst of world hunger. Yet director Emily Levy-Purdy notes that the topic of food can provoke humour, song and dance. “One of biggest segments is a dance number based on Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. Our lyrics are all about the joys of DESSERT.” WOW’s oldest member Mary Ganong, 93, reminds us that during the poverty of the Depression food was held in reverence. “I attribute that attitude to my parents. Food was made to eat and it was a sin to throw food out.”

The Women of Wolfville is a network of over 200 women, about 50 of them have been preparing for this production for the last six months. Stirring the Pot will be staged four times at the  Festival Theatre in Wolfville, at 8 p.m. from Thursday through Saturday, from March 4 – 6, along with a 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon matinee. Through their annual theatrical adventures, the Women of Wolfville have raised over $150,000 for charity since 2001. The 2010 show will support school breakfast programs, the Wolfville Food Bank, the Acadia Community Farm, along with food-related programs in India, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Tickets for this year’s production are $12 students/seniors and $15 for adults. They are available at the Box of Delights in Wolfville.

Contact: Wendy Elliott @ 542-7203 for further information. http://wow.daysend.ca