An Artist in a Small Town

By Katelyn Morse

Inspired by all things raw, earthy, and organic in nature, my paintings are a reflection of the wanderlust inside of me as well as a deep appreciation for just how magical, intricate, and beautiful this world truly is.

Through my artwork I hope to inspire individuals to explore more, appreciate more, and be thankful for all the gorgeous things we get to enjoy on this earth! I’ve always loved to express myself creatively through art as a child and I’m pinching myself that I’ve been able to make a living from it now as a 25-year-old. I never thought you could survive as an artist in a small town. But I love Nova Scotia with all it’s glorious fields, forests, and ocean views and couldn’t bear to leave! I had to make it work somehow. These days there are so many possibilities online for young entrepreneurs; we are so lucky to be living in this time. I only knew how to reach so many people locally, and so I took the steps to set up shop online on a platform called Etsy, where sellers from around the world can offer their handmade goods to buyers worldwide. For me, community is the key in succeeding with my business. Instagram has been the greatest form of this and I’ve managed to gain a following of 25,000 wonderful people who encourage me, share my work, and purchase from me too! You can find me on the handle@katejerryy (Yes, two ‘y’s).

Last month I was recognized as the the Community’s Choice Award winner with Etsy Canada – which I still cannot believe! I will be receiving a cash prize as well as valuable exposure. There were over 2000 entries, narrowed down to 60 finalists, and the winner was chosen by public vote. I was neck and neck with a business from Vancouver, and I doubted myself, thinking I had a small-town disadvantage. But I found it actually seemed to be an advantage, as the people here in the Valley, and around Nova Scotia, are so supportive of one another. So many people cared to vote and asked their friends and family to vote too. I’m truly thankful to live here – don’t we live in the most wonderful place? I have learned in my first year of business that anything is possible and to push fear aside and just go for it. I encourage everyone to feel the same way! You can find my work at as well as on Instagram at
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