Celebrating 250 Years of the New England Planters

2010 is a very special year in local and Canadian history.  It marks the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the New England Planters – one of the first large scale settlements of English-speaking colonists in Canada.  The Planters relocated from New England to the Maritimes between 1759 and 1774 bringing with them a new culture that greatly influenced the development of Nova Scotian society.  Sir Robert Borden, William Chipman and Charles Morris are only a few of the many Planters and their descendents who have influenced Canadian politics, invention and literature.  Several Planters became farmers and business owners whose descendents still have land holdings in the Annapolis Valley today.

To celebrate the 250th year of their arrival to the Annapolis Valley, the Planter Studies Center at Acadia is hosting its Fifth Planter Studies Conference from June 17-20th.  The conference will begin Thursday, June 17th with a reception and keynote lecture by Gwen Davies from the University of New Brunswick.  June 18th and 19th will feature a wide range of Planter-related lectures by local and international historians, genealogists and archivists.  June 20th the conference will close with a tour of local Planter historic sites.

The Planter Studies Center is also working with the Atlantic Living Heritage Foundation to present an historical re-enactment of eighteenth century civilian life in a Nova Scotia.  The encampment is open to the public and free of charge.  Also on-site for the duration of the conference: an exhibit of Planter-related archival materials, community-related historical booths and an Ancestor Registry for locals wishing to learn more about their personal Planter lineage and heritage.

If you would like to attend the conference, please go to the Planter Studies website at: http://libguides.acadiau.ca/planter.  This site contains links for online registration, costs, scheduling and access to Planter-related information, sources and websites.  Or contact the Acadia box office directly at box.office@acadiau.ca or by phone 1-800-542-8425 (toll free) or 542-5500 (local).  If you require more information feel free to contact Sarah at plantersgirl@gmail.com or leave a message at the Planter Studies Center at (902) 585-1433.

To find out more about other local Planter-related events go to http://www.planter2010.com.

Everyone is welcome.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have fun and learn more about local history!