Uncommon Common Art

For the third year in a row, Uncommon Common Art, the exhibit in nature, is back.  The Valley is host to this art scavenger hunt or art geo-caching or hiking meets art or all of the above.  The project has been described a number of ways, meaning something different to each person, yet it intrigues all.

Visitors come to the Valley for many reasons and Kings County is a destination for two distinct reasons; the stunning natural environment that is the Minas Basin Valley and the abundance of creative people that live there. The Uncommon Common Art project was designed to bring these two elements together.  Designed to explore and discover the Valley, Uncommon Common Art is a creative way to raise awareness through amazing art.

Contributing Artists (see list below) were asked to create an original art piece in nature that demands people stop and pay attention. Whether on private or public property, all art locations are accessible to the public. Ranging from the subtle to the obvious, the imagination and creativity of each Artist is showcased in a uniquely individual way.

The location of the each installation is on a large, full-colour poster/map, photographed by Ernest Cadegan. All of the art locales are on one side and information about each individual art piece, the Artist and the sponsors on the other. The poster/maps will be distributed throughout the Valley with all proceeds going to AKA (Alliance of Kings Artists).  It encourages people to explore the area with a sense of awe, exuberance, as well as a sense of purpose.

This years’ participating artists are (in no particular order) –

1. Terry Drahos

2. Nicole Evans

3. Margaret Forsey

4. Acadia Art Gallery collective

5. Kathleen Hull

6. Shasta Grant

7. Angela Melanson

8.  Ron Hayes

9.  Amanda Muis

10.  Bob Hainstock

11. Twila Robar-DeCoste

The Alliance of Kings Artists and its members donated many volunteer hours to produce, distribute, and promote the art installations and this map.  www.uncommoncommonart.com

~June Granger