Deep Roots 2010

Dig out your seat cushions, grab your water bottles, and put on your “music” caps cuz Deep Roots is just around the corner and you aren’t gonna wanna miss a note of it!  Since its inception in 2003, the Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival has become a vital part of the Wolfville scene.  Next weekend, dozens of performers and hundreds of music lovers will come here to enjoy or create the blues/jazz/roots/country/folk/etc. sounds that are about to erupt all over town.

The Mainstage shows on Friday and Saturday night take place at Acadia University’s Convocation Hall (hence the call for seat cushions….no, really…trust me…bring the seat cushion) and are an excellent way of sipping from the Deep Roots cup of awesome musicians.  And, most of these performers can be savoured again on Saturday afternoon at Denton Hall, Festival Theatre, the Al Whittle Theatre, or at the Festival Tent in Clock Park.  Mmmmm!
One of my favourite parts of Deep Roots is the Saturday morning Take Root workshops.  At Clock Park, make a fancy hat or crown and then create your own rhythm instrument out of things like wood blocks and bottle caps!  Or if you have little tykes, you might be interested in Marilyn Manzer’s Kids Play Music workshop at the BaptistChurch.

OOOr, check out the WWee Giants at Festival TTTheatre – Monika WWWildman has an amazing array of puppets and costumes that people of all ages will love to try on and wear for the Parade.  Oh yeah, the Parade – it’s so wonderful to laugh and march down the streets of Wolfville wearing a newly crafted fancy hat, and keeping time with a rhythm instrument along side the huge and wondrous Wee Giant puppets. Woo! Magic!!

There is so much more to see and enjoy!  Like the intimate dinner concert with Connie Kaldor & Carmen Mikol on Thursday night – fabulous food and marvellous music at Kentville Paddy’s for only $50 (call 678-3199 to book now)! And I haven’t even mentioned the Late Night Parties at Paddy’s & the Old ‘O’ Barn, or the Artists at Acadia on Friday afternoon or the Rise Up Singing show on Sunday morning, or…look, just take it from me, the Deep Roots Music Festival is a blast – don’t miss it!

Get Deep Roots tickets at the Box of Delights Bookshop, 466 Main St., Wolfville, NS or find more info at:

~Donna Holmes