Who’s Who: Lori Moore

Who’s Who: Lori Moore
By Mike Butler

Spring has sprung, and actually, I think summer might just be around the corner. It’s the time of year to get outside and enjoy the sun and beautiful energy of your community. It’s also a great time to exercise your body, mind, and soul and I know just the person to help you do that.

Lori Moore was born just outside of Dartmouth, NS, in what was at the time Halifax County. She always wanted to be a teacher, but it seemed like an impossible feat to meet the needs of 28 students so, Lori went a different route.

“When I was in grade 10 my cousin was studying to be a teacher of the deaf,” Lori says. “At that time deaf students were educated either at schools for the deaf or in separate classes in public schools, but the classes typically had no more than 8 students. I knew I would be able to effectively meet the needs of 8 students, so I decided to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher of the deaf.” Lori attended Mount Saint Vincent University and then moved on to a master’s degree in education of the deaf from Université de Moncton. Her first year of teaching was in Cape Breton, working in an itinerant teacher position with students from age 2-18 across the island. In her third year of teaching, a new class for deaf students was to open at Cambridge Elementary School. She was fortunate enough to get the job and moved to the Annapolis Valley in 1988. That class was at Cambridge Elementary for four years, then the students and her all transferred to Wolfville School to join another elementary class for the deaf there. After teaching for 10 years, Lori returned to school herself and obtained degrees in counseling and leadership and she didn’t stop there.

“A few years ago” she says, “in preparation for retirement and an encore career, I began holistic nutrition studies. In 2018 I enrolled in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and received a certificate as a certified culinary nutrition expert. In June 2019 I will have completed the online holistic nutrition program at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and will be a registered holistic nutrition consultant. After 32 years in deaf education, employed by Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, and moving onward to other areas of education, holistic health has become my new chapter of life.”

Lori Moore Holistic Health offers services to help individuals on their personal journey to better health, and to organizations who wish to support their staff or clients in improving their health. Lori currently offers group culinary nutrition cooking demonstration classes for up to six people at a time in beautiful Kingsport, where participants can attend cooking lessons and observe the world’s highest tides at the same time. Class dates are posted to social media for registration. In addition to culinary nutrition classes, she offers grocery store tours and kitchen and pantry resets to help folks set the stage for changes they’re ready to make to support improved health. She offers weekly meal plans with recipes and shopping lists for people who are looking to support specific dietary or health needs. In July, Lori will be adding one-on-one coaching and consultation to her long list of amazing services.

What makes Lori unique is that she’s able to apply the combination of a degree in counseling, 24 years teaching, eight years in educational leadership, and the training in culinary and holistic nutrition to offer nutritional and lifestyle education and coaching using an individual, client-centered holistic approach to healthy and balanced living and learning. She believes in starting with and building upon an individual’s assets, using a strengths-based model rather than approaching health from a deficit perspective and it’s a rewarding experience for both her and the client.

Within a changing world with much more aim at better health, Lori is going to go very far. Get in touch with her and better yourself forever.

For more information about Lori and the services she offers, visit lorimoore.ca.