Here We Are

Jeremy Novak & Jocelyn Hatt
Jeremy Novak & Jocelyn Hatt

This winter I moved to Ottawa. I figured it was a good place to find employment and start a career. After a few weeks, I found myself in an outside parking lot, valeting cars in the middle of January, in the heart of the city, in the midst of a bus strike. In between the crazy rushes, I did have chances to look up at the skyscrapers through the falling snow and try to imagine myself being one of those busy people battling the rat race. I didn’t stay out there for long.

I asked myself what gave me the most happiness and it was the thought of returning to Wolfville. Sure I didn’t have a solid plan (I still don’t) but I was back where I wanted to be.

In this issue we asked the political candidates what they like most about Wolfville. For me, the enjoyable features are abundant but it is the Grapevine that has always brought it all together.

Serving an area from Windsor to Canning (Grand Pre, Gaspereau, Wolfville & Port Williams also included), the Grapevine is counted on to publish upcoming events and a wide-array of local articles. An official survey conducted by the Town of Wolfville and the Centre for Rural Sustainability in 2007 stated that the Grapevine was the number 1 source to go to for upcoming events. Is this still the case? We like to think so.

At the same time, today’s landscape has changed. There are now many other sources to obtain local information. This has come out of necessity. There’s simply too much going on for there to be just one source and this is great!

Even with all the other wonderful counter-top publication options, we are confident that there is still a special space reserved for the Grapevine in the loyal readership base. As we try to attract new readers, it’s also our responsibility to keep the continuity.

How are we going to do this?

You’ll see Farm Market and Horoscope inserts, an on-line presence (, artistic Grapevine banners (submit your own!), new contributors mixed with some familiar faces and of course that pretty purple logo. Eventually you’ll see regular columns such as:  the Grapevine Gripe (what bothers you?), You’re De’Vine (who do like?) and contests. Stay tuned, we’re sort of flying by the seat of our pants here.

Andy mentioned that the paper takes about 15 – 20 hours a week (ha! maybe eventually!). Adam mentioned that the best fringe benefit is all the interesting conversations from passionate people we’ll get to have.  Ariana has continued to be incredibly gracious and helpful during the transition. We feel honoured to be a part of the Grapevine tradition. Thanks for having us!

Jeremy (& Jocelyn)