AVDS Cares: Local Dentists Work Together to Provide Free Care

AVDS Cares: Local Dentists Work Together to Provide Free Care By Emily Leeson Just before the holiday season of giving begins, a group of local dentists and volunteers have just recently banded together to give their time and skills for free to help Annapolis Valley residents unable to otherwise access dental treatment. One of the biggest obstacles faced by many people is the cost of dental treatment and unlike other areas of the health care system, dentistry is not subsidized by health care tax dollars. This means that the full cost of the services provided by dentists in private practices…
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Ways to Beat Mealtime Battles

Ways to Beat Mealtime Battles Laura Churchill Duke, Valley Family Fun Are there ever mealtime battles at your house? Do the kids ever ask you how much more they have to eat before they can leave the table? I have lots of people who have told me how stressful meals can be. It’s no different at our house either! But we have found a few tricks, when used sparingly, that can really work. 1. Kids Help with Meal Planning: We do up a weekly meal plan and I always ask the kids to pick one meal each that they would…
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This Place Matters in Kentville

This Place Matters in Kentville Angela Reynolds The Friends of the Kentville Library have been selected to compete for $40,000 in prize money in the National Trust for Canada’s “This Place Matters” Main Street competition. During the competition, the group will be working to raise $5000 to help build a beautiful children’s area in the new library. Head to to register and vote daily until November 15. Once you’ve registered, you can vote every 24 hours.

Board Game Night!

Board Game Night! Submitted Board games are undergoing a major revolution. As British game journalist Quintin Smith has declared, we are living in a golden age for board gaming. Experience this renaissance at Board Game Night, upstairs at the C@P lab at the Wolfville Memorial Library on Fridays at 7pm and Mondays at 6pm at the Windsor Library, hosted by knowledgeable local gaming enthusiast Andrew Turpin. Game nights offer a friendly learning environment and a wide variety of games. Anyone age 12 and up is welcome.

The Dome Chronicles: The Last Pie Auction

In 1972, a boxcar from Toronto containing a menagerie of farm animals and an eager young couple pulled into the station platform in Kingston, Nova Scotia. They were bound for a deserted hundred-acre farm on the South Mountain, determined to preserve the foundations of farmsteads past while constructing a geodesic dome. They were pioneers of the future, armed with respect for tradition and an irrepressible sense of humour. They didn’t call themselves farmers. They were back-to-the-landers. Farming was industry and their calling was sustainability. Over the next forty years, through flood and fire, triumph and catastrophe, they persevered, unwittingly sowing…
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Dinner Out Devour Special: An interview with the creators of “Candice and Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date”

Dinner Out Devour Special: An interview with the creators of “Candice and Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date”, Leanne Bishop, Michael Mason, and Kelly Perine by Scott Campbell. Lia Renaldo (Managing Director of The Devour Food Film Festival) referred to this creative trio (who last year brought us “Reservations for Three?”) as the Darlings of Devour. It turns out they love The Devour Food Film Festival just as much and have honoured it with the Canadian premiere of their new film, “Candice and Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date”. I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the film and then arrange…
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Blue Engine String Quartet to Perform at the Festival Theatre in Wolfville on Saturday, November 5

Blue Engine String Quartet to Perform at the Festival Theatre on Saturday, November 5 The Blue Engine String Quartet is the musical attraction at the Acadia Performing Arts Series on Saturday, November 5 at 7:30pm at Festival Theatre in Wolfville. The quartet features Jennifer Jones and Anne Simons, violin; Alexandra Bates, viola; and Hilary Brown, cello. The Blue Engine String Quartet was formed in 1997 as the core ensemble of the Nova Scotia chamber music series, Blue Engine Music. While Blue Engine holds true to classical roots, performing many of the masterworks of the string quartet repertoire, the quartet has…
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“Carey Me: Supporting Palliative Care in the Home” Fundraiser

“Carey Me: Supporting Palliative Care in the Home” Fundraiser: “Remember These: Pre-Loved Holiday Decoration Sale” Saturday, November 12; Port Williams Community Center; 10am-3pm Bill Carey lived his final days as he wished, at home surrounded by family and friends. In 2004, Bill’s wife and daughter started “Carey Me,” a charitable fund whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to individuals with life-limiting illnesses who, like Bill, choose to be cared for in the comfort of their own home. Since 2004, “Carey Me” volunteers and community partners have raised $285,000 through fundraising events and memorial gifts, and have provided financial support…
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What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Cat-Tail Pickles

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Cat-Tail Pickles Melanie Priesnitz I was not a child to play with swords. I much preferred making dandelion soup, so I have only recently discovered how much fun having a fencing duel with cat-tails can be. If done at the right time of the year you get the added bonus of covering your opponent with either fluff or pollen. I have lately found myself with a surplus of cat-tails and am discovering all sorts of uses for them – there are a plethora. Typha latifolia, commonly known as cat-tail is a common…
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The Grapevine Devour Picks

The Grapevine Devour Picks: Devour! Street Food Party Robie Tufts Park Thursday, November 3, 4pm-8pm Participating trucks include Gecko Bus, Cheesecurds, Donair Trailer, Nomad Gourmet, and T-Dogs. Participating vendors include Carl’s Independent, Frais Catering, Tap Root Farms, Julian’s Feel Good Food, Union Street Cafe, The Noodle Guy, Le Caveau, and Cake Lady. Shorts Program: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Al Whittle Theatre Friday, November 5, 12:30pm-2pm With “Food First, Lobster Fra Diavolo, Sunday Lunch, So Good To See You, Candice & Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date, Home Suite Home”, and “The Cannoli”. Price: $15 Bitters Workshop with Jeffrey Van Horne &…
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