Countin’ Quarters

Front cover of the new Hupman Brothers CD. Inside there’s some incredible acoustic and electric music It’s been brewing for a few months now. Initially I heard only whisperings. Then I met Ian Sherwood, “Up on the Ridge”, at the Hupman’s Place. He was there to lay down some saxophone tracks. I heard, for the first time, a few tracks of their upcoming new CD: “Countin’ Quarters”. There are Hammond and fiddle sounds, double bass and some (un)real electricity. Now the disc is all that’s a-playin’ at our house. A couple of years ago, when their first CD came out,…
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There We Go

Written by Andy Flinn in the May 7 2009 issue A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that somebody was spreading rumours about the front page of the Grapevine being written by somebody new. There was also an unsubstantiated claim that this person would be carefully selected by Ariana and myself. All these statements, in hindsight, seem a tiny bit inaccurate. I shall devote this, one of my last two front pages, to an effort of making better sense. As far as the front page is concerned: We did not choose a new writer. We chose a new management. A…
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