Town of Wolfville Implementing Access By Design Project

Town of Wolfville Implementing Access By Design Project By Ethan Lang Last month the Town of Wolfville’s councillors and Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) hosted a meeting to gain input from the public regarding concerns about the Town’s accessibility. The Town and the AAC are currently working alongside the Nova Scotia Accessibility Directorate to implement the Access By Design project, which plans to make Wolfville accessible to all, regardless of any physical or mental disability, by 2030. Nova Scotia is the third province to adopt an accessibility plan, and Wolfville has been chosen to implement a plan first, as a sort…
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AVRL Helping You Stay Active and Healthy

AVRL Helping You Stay Active and Healthy By Tim Jackson In 2015 the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL) created the original Be Fit Kits that focused on physical literacy and movement skills. During March Break 2018, Be Fit Kits 2.0 were launched. These kits are bags of equipment and books that children and families may borrow from the library. The bags are loaned for three weeks, just like books. The kits provide an opportunity for people to learn fundamental skill movements together in a safe and comfortable environment, with hopes they could continue to be active together. The kits focus…
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Get Outside this Season

Get Outside this Season By Laura Churchill Duke The weather is going to start making it great to be outside, and there is no reason you shouldn’t get out to enjoy it. Research shows that kids do better academically when they spend time outside, and they start developing a love for nature, rather than a fear of it. There are so many ways to get outside this season with your family. Here are our top 10 things to do together. Go for a hike. There is a huge list of hikes and reviews about almost all of them on Valley…
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The Dome Chronicles: Percy’s Pickup

In 1972, a boxcar from Toronto containing a menagerie of farm animals and an eager young couple pulled into the station platform in Kingston, Nova Scotia. They were bound for a deserted hundred-acre farm on the South Mountain, determined to preserve the foundations of farmsteads past while constructing a geodesic dome. They were pioneers of the future, armed with respect for tradition and an irrepressible sense of humour. They didn’t call themselves farmers. They were back-to-the-landers. Farming was industry and their calling was sustainability. Over the next forty years, through flood and fire, triumph and catastrophe, they persevered, unwittingly sowing…
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Green New Deal Town Hall to be Held in Wolfville June 19

Green New Deal Town Hall to be Held in Wolfville June 19 Submitted There is a stirring feeling one gets when contemplating the great achievements of the human race that I’m willing to bet is almost universal. It’s why we get so focused on the Olympics, speak in reverent tones about the Civil Rights Movement, and remember who first stepped on the moon. Currently there is a movement underway that is looking to tap into that feeling of excitement and possibility and channel it towards addressing perhaps the least good-news story of our age: climate change. The Green New Deal,…
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Valley Recreation Departments Share Their Top Picks for Getting Outside This Summer

Valley Recreation Departments Share Their Top Picks for Getting Outside This Summer Kentville’s Top Picks -Play at Memorial Park (check out the Skatepark, Splashpad, Outdoor Pool, Tennis/Pickleball and Basketball Courts, Playgrounds, Soccer and Baseball Fields and the Playbox). -Come to a free concert at Oakdene Park (every other Thursday night starting July 4th, 6:30-8pm) -Cool off in the Kentville Ravine (explore the Ravine to escape from the summer heat) -Check out some great outdoor events in Kentville (including the Community Camp Out, Chalk Art Festival, Multicultural Festival, and more!) Favourite Program: Our equipment loan program! We have equipment available at…
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What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Dandelion Wine

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Dandelion wine By Melanie Priesnitz, Conservation Horticulturist “Dandelion wine. The words were summer on the tongue. The wine was summer caught and stoppered…sealed away for opening on a January day with snow falling fast and the sun unseen for weeks…” –Ray Bradbury This is the year I will find time to forage for yellow flowers and make dandelion wine. Dandelions to me are a herald of spring and all the glory that goes with the season. I cannot look at a field of dandelions without feeling youthful joy. Memories abound from seeing…
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Valley Community Members Spearhead Donation Drive for Turtle Island Healing Ceremony

Valley Community Members Spearhead Donation Drive for Turtle Island Healing Ceremony In Wolfville, local community members have begun fundraising to support this year’s Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island Ceremony, set to take place on July 12-15 in Passadumkeag Maine. This event marks the third year in a 21 year ceremony. Organizers note that all are invited to attend this free gathering, no RSVP necessary: “We invite people from all corners of the Earth to join us in this healing ceremony. We will come together to heal the common wound that we all carry from our shared history of violence;…
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Mike Uncorked: House of Sprouts

Mike Uncorked: House of Sprouts By Mike Butler Writing this column for the last ten years and feeling like I am in the KNOW about most things, it always surprises me when I come across really special organizations and projects that have been around for years and that I had never heard of before. Have you heard of House of Sprouts Greenhouse at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre (KRRC) in Waterville? Well, neither had I until very recently. The fantastic House of Sprouts sprang to life in 2014 and is going into its fifth year of operation. The concept was developed…
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In Photos: Fridays for Future Student Climate Strike

On Friday May 24, students from local schools, along with members of the community, gathered in Clock Park in Wolfville to protest climate inaction, as part of the Fridays for Future climate strike movement founded by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, asserting the need for “massive and immediate action on climate disruption due to our dependency on carbon-based fuels for energy.”