120 days.

By Ken Schwartz As I write this, it’s been 120 days since I huddled around a radio at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts with my colleagues to listen to a bulletin from the provincial government. Within hours I was driving a group of youth leaders to destinations around the province, and the Centre was closed to the public. Everything changed, for nearly all of us. In the weeks that followed, Two Planks and a Passion Theatre’s 2020 season was postponed until 2021. 120 days later, what is it like to work in the performing arts? The word “unprecedented”…
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Tritons Swim Club’s spot at 2020 Olympic Trials Postponed

Tritons Swim Club’s spot at 2020 Olympic Trials PostponedTeam continues to train with passion and determinationMike Glenn Wolfville Tritons Swim Club athlete Ava Vial, eligible to represent Nova Scotia at this spring’s Olympic trials, must wait another year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many swimmers across Nova Scotia and Canada are left high and dry as pools and training facilities shut down during the Covid-19 outbreak. The news of the postponed trials has not stopped Ava from training and doing her best as she, like so many others, strives to represent Canada at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. “I…
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What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens – Land Connection

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens – Land ConnectionTed Morris, Student Native Plant Conservationist Think of a natural area that you feel particularly connected to. It could be a place that you’ve been many times or a place that you’ve only been to once. It could also be a place from your past, or somewhere you’ve visited recently. Now, picture yourself there. You might be sitting, standing, walking, rolling, or running through the serene area that you’re remembering. What about this place makes you feel connected? I have a few places that I feel strongly connected to, and…
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Ross Creek is Back: Live and In Person!

Ross Creek is Back: Live and In Person!Submitted It almost feels normal. Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, just outside Canning, is offering day versions of their traditional overnight arts programs for youth this summer, and the place is a flurry of (physically distanced) activity. The grounds are being readied, gardens watered, menus prepared, and camp leadership is getting ready to welcome their staff, who arrive soon to spend the summer in a leadership program. But this year is different. Staff lunch tables have names on them so that people who are “bubbled” together eat together but six feet apart…
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Making The Right Move During COVID-19

Making The Right Move During COVID-19Melanie Besemer What a difference a few months can make. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live. From the way we buy groceries and stay fit, to the way we earn a living and conduct business, there’s no aspect of our lives that isn’t affected. Real estate is an essential service and therefore transactions are still taking place, but like all businesses we have made a shift in how we operate. We are taking precautions and have revised our strategies to accommodate our clients. It’s not business as usual, but have you…
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Alumni Association donates $50,000 to support COVID-19 Student Relief Fund

Alumni Association donates $50,000 to support COVID-19 Student Relief FundFred Sgambati The Acadia Alumni Association knows the considerable financial challenges facing Acadia students as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and has stepped up in a very big way to support them. The Association recently announced a $50,000 donation to the newly-established COVID-19 Student Relief Fund to help provide bursary support in variable amounts to second, third, and fourth-year students facing ongoing and/or summer employment disruption or other financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic. University President Dr. Peter Ricketts inaugurated the Fund on April 9, 2020, and received…
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Food Security and Food Literacy at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

Food Security and Food Literacy at Ross Creek Centre for the ArtsSubmitted Kathleen Novelia arrived at Ross Creek at just the right time. The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, outside of Canning, brings together arts education with community and professional artist programs, and was looking to expand its year-round programs and include more culinary arts in its work. Kathleen, originally from Indonesia, was a cook and pastry chef who had become disillusioned with the amount of food waste in big hotels. She moved into food security, doing projects in Montreal and Tanzania. She was travelling the Maritimes with her…
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Nova Scotia Beverage Producers Get Boost From Data Analytics Company

Nova Scotia Beverage Producers Get Boost From Data Analytics CompanySubmitted Wolfville, NS – When shopping at the NSLC, it’s hard to miss the recent growth in the number of local products available. Wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries have been popping up all over Nova Scotia and their products are increasingly easy to find.  Now these local businesses hope to get a helping hand from a new company that performs data analytics specifically for them.  The online company,, uses the NSLC’s sales data to produce simple, easy-to-understand graphs and charts that give beverage producers a clearer picture of their markets,…
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Mike Uncorked: The Quarantine Diaries 2

Mike Uncorked: The Quarantine Diaries 2 By Mike Butler Like most fabulous things that happen in the world, a sequel was bound to come out of my previous Grapevine article. I imagine a bunch of sequels will stem from this and the Quarantine Diaries will have a great following. Besides the odd walk everyday, grocery store run, or sitting on my wee patio reading, I have been inside my apartment watching the days pass by and I’m trying to stay away from the social media blitz as much as possible. I use my computer for writing and to communicate with…
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Spring Song

Spring Song It’s a world-wide hit Annie-Mae, Annie-Mae Hear the world hum along… RNA, DNA.   Fill your strong lungs Flash your jaunty red tail Let’s hike in the woods And then check emails.   Dad’s on the Dole The sap is still running There’s wood to be cut And summer is coming.   The sun’s at the window The seeds are all sprouting See 100 ft rows Good earth and hoeing.   -Bernard Irvin