I KNOW A PLACE By Ron Lightburn Browsing (CFUW Book Sale, Wolfville). Ron Lightburn has generously donated Browsing (acrylic on stretched canvas, 16″ x 12) to the CFUW, and it will be one of the prizes drawn at the end of the sale. Prizes also include two gift certificates from The Odd Book and a painting by CFUW member Gerri Robertson. The CFUW’s Annual Book Sale is happening Friday March 29, 8:30am-9:00pm and Saturday March 30, 8:30am-3:00pm at the Wolfville Lions Club Community Hall, 36 Elm Avenue.

Mike Uncorked: CFUW Book Sale and Spring Reads 2019

Mike Uncorked: CFUW Book Sale and Spring Reads 2019 By Mike Butler This is one of my favourite times of the year: yes, spring, but mostly the Canadian Federation of University Women’s Annual Book Sale! It’s the ultimate go-to place for inexpensive reading material to get me through the spring and summer months. I love to read and this book sale is always a busy triumph for book lovers. With a wide selection of books in all genres, you will no doubt fill a bag (or two) like I do. You can also find puzzles and games, CDs and DVDs,…
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Helping Grandmothers with Food Security

Helping Grandmothers with Food Security By Wendy Elliott For over a decade, a group of women from Kings County has aided over 25 Kenyan grandmothers raising their HIV/AIDS-orphaned grandkids. The Kings-Kikima Grannies were inspired by the documentary The Great Granny Revolution. It chronicled the kinship between two groups of women an ocean apart: the women of Wakefield, Quebec and the grandmothers (gogos) of Alexandria, South Africa. Moved to help, the Nova Scotia group reached out to Acadia University graduate Ruth Kyatha in Kenya, who works in community development. With her guidance and knowledge, the Valley Grannies have been helping with…
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Uncommon Common Art is Turning Things Around in 2019

Uncommon Common Art is Turning Things Around in 2019 By Terry Havlos Drahos Everything Uncommon Common Art does falls in two categories: public art and art education. For the past 11 years we have spent roughly 75% of our time and resources on presenting public art and 25% on delivering art education. This year we are switching things around, concentrating the majority of our efforts on art education and presenting a condensed public art exhibit. Designing, managing, and financing a county-wide art project is a huge undertaking. Offering free access, as UCA does, makes our finances even more precarious because…
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Exciting news from Glooscap Elementary!

Exciting news from Glooscap Elementary! By Miranda Hume Here at Glooscap Elementary, we are in the process of creating an outdoor classroom and are very excited about this project. An outdoor classroom will open up a whole new way of teaching for the children in our school and community. While this project is very exciting, it is also a very large job. We would love to have some help from the current and former families of Glooscap Elementary, as well as community members. Many hands make light work and this project could benefit from lots of hands. What are Outdoor…
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Furry Feature: Flint

Furry Feature: Flint Our first new cat of the year! Flint is an extremely friendly and loving black and white male, sporting a full tuxedo to boot! He’s estimated to have been born around July 25, 2017. This cat was brought in as stray that was found during some severely cold weather. The shelter posted a photo with hopes of locating an owner but no owner has appeared to claim him. He has now been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and is ready for a forever home. For more information about adopting Flint, visit: Wolfville Animal Hospital 12-112 Front Street Wolfville…
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A Mural Tale

A Mural Tale By Wendy Elliott There is an elderly woman in Buffalo, New York who once upon a time fell in love with a piece of public art in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and now it’s cost her money. Mary McCarthy (now 91), and her husband visited the Annapolis Valley during Wolfville’s centenary in 1993. Mary was quite taken with a bright, large new mural near the post office. She asked her obliging husband to snap a photo of the wide historic image on the brickwork. When Mary got home she had the photo enlarged and got it framed. Moving…
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Random Act of Kindness

Just before Christmas, my friend and I walked into Canning after leaving her car at the garage. We stopped at the library, got some copying done, picked out books from their sale (to be picked up later), and continued to the stores. After shopping, both of us had bags in each hand. We stopped back at the library to pick up our books. We selected even more books, before realizing that we now had too much to carry. We decided to go get the car and then come back for all our parcels. The lovely ladies at the library said…
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Front Street Community Wood-Fired Oven Fundraising Event: Pizza & Jazz!

Front Street Community Wood-Fired Oven Fundraising Event: Pizza & Jazz! By Adam Barnett There is excitement in the air about a new project underway to build a wood-fired community oven in the Robie Tufts Nature Park in downtown Wolfville. The idea has been in the works since November 2017, with efforts going into getting support from the community and working through the process of getting the project approved by the Town of Wolfville. The community oven was officially supported by council last summer, and the planning has been gaining momentum ever since. The oven and its surrounding structure will begin…
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Dealing with Kids and Clutter at Christmas

Dealing with Kids and Clutter at Christmas By Laura Churchill Duke Looking around our house I see how much stuff our kids have, and with Christmas coming, they really don’t need anything else. Lately, because they are outgrowing so many clothes and toys, we have been doing a lot of de-cluttering. I know a lot of other families who are in the same situation and just do not want more things brought into the house. Here are a few suggestions for dealing with kid clutter at Christmas time: Reverse advent calendar There are a few ideas circulating around social media…
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