Honouring Celtic Tradition with Local Materials

Honouring Celtic Tradition with Local Materials By Anna Horsnell Judith Smith’s Celtic Goddess Jewellery is an expression of joy. A joyful passion she first discovered 23 years ago when she began studying Celtic spirituality. Judith was born in Windsor where her family has lived for seven generations. Thirty years ago she moved to Wolfville and worked as an assistant loans officer until a sudden environmental illness forced her into early retirement. It was a time to rethink her life, and her doctor recommended a book that might help. That book was Anam Cara, a classic of Celtic wisdom by the…
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Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery By Mike Butler Comedic genius playwright Ken Ludwig has been leaving his mark on community theatre here in the Valley, for years! His productions Leading Ladies, The Game’s Afoot and The Fox on the Fairway were recently performed to high praise and belly-laughing sold-out audiences through CentreStage in Kentville, who just happen to be finishing their 2019 season with Ludwig’s ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas this winter. Quick As A Wink Theatre Society in Windsor also produced Leading Ladies a few years ago and it was met with much praise. Now, QAAW is getting ready…
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Art Spot: Jack Chipman

Art Spot: Jack Chipman WHO: I am a student at NSCC taking graphic design. I grew up in Wolfville and now am living in Dartmouth. In addition to drawing I also play piano, embroider, and like to cook. WHAT: My artistic medium is Microsoft Paint. My style came from the program itself. I like the way drawings in Microsoft Paint look. WHERE: Currently I am going to school but work at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the side. You can find my work on Instagram. WHEN:I started drawing in Microsoft Paint in 2018 and that’s when I defined myself…
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What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Tropical Orchids

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Tropical Orchids By Melanie Priesnitz, Conservation Horticulturist I’m a horticulturist, I garden for a living, so naturally you would think that I have a thriving houseplant collection. It is not true. I have a small collection of houseplants that are all survivors. The plants that live in my house are the ones who thrive on neglect. Gradually the high-maintenance plants that used to adorn my windowsills have found their way to the compost pile. Mostly what remains are cacti and succulents. I also have one very tenacious tropical orchid named Sam. I’ve…
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A Mural Tale

A Mural Tale By Wendy Elliott There is an elderly woman in Buffalo, New York who once upon a time fell in love with a piece of public art in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and now it’s cost her money. Mary McCarthy (now 91), and her husband visited the Annapolis Valley during Wolfville’s centenary in 1993. Mary was quite taken with a bright, large new mural near the post office. She asked her obliging husband to snap a photo of the wide historic image on the brickwork. When Mary got home she had the photo enlarged and got it framed. Moving…
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Lost and Found: “The Great Green Bag”

Lost and Found: “The Great Green Bag” By Susan Wehrell Welcome to a new little column we are calling Lost and Found. Tell us your tales of items lost, items found, and the stories in between. We called it the “great green bag”, but it was actually black. Slightly larger than other reusable grocery bags, it was made out of black nylon mesh – the sort of material used in some hockey jerseys. The rim and the handles were sturdy green cloth, as was the pocket. At the grocery store, I could fill it full of the heavy groceries, and…
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Skating on the Wolfville Reservoir

Skating on the Wolfville Reservoir Interested in getting your kids outside for a little pick-up hockey? How about a moonlight skate with your Valentine? Thanks to local ice enthusiast John Brzustowski, locals and visitors alike can now find up-to-date information about ice conditions at Wolfville’s Reservoir Park. Visit wolfvillereservoir.blogspot.com/ Photo: Emily Leeson

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Evergreens

What’s Growing at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens: Evergreens By Melanie Priesnitz, Conservation Horticulturist When we think of evergreens, we often think of coniferous trees, such as spruce and pine. However, there are many herbaceous plants and shrubs in the Acadian Forest Region that are called evergreens.The term evergreen simply refers to a plant that remains green throughout the year. Larch, one of our native conifers, doesn’t have any needles this time of the year. Each fall their needles turn yellow and drop, so it’s certainly not an evergreen. Larch does bear cones, so it is a conifer (a deciduous…
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