Gaspereau Press to hold its TWENTIETH Wayzgoose & Open House

Gaspereau Press to hold its TWENTIETH Wayzgoose & Open HouseSubmitted On Saturday October 26, Gaspereau Press will host its 20th annual ‘wayzgoose’ and open house at its printshop in Kentville, Nova Scotia. The day-long public event will feature talks by guest letterpress printers from Minnesota and Ontario, readings by some of the press’s authors, and an afternoon open house at the printshop with demonstrations of various aspects of book production and printing. This year’s guest printers are Mary Bruno, proprietor of Bruno Press in Saint Joseph, Minnesota, and Larry Thompson, proprietor of The Greyweathers Press in Merrickville, Ontario. Bruno and…
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Meet the Arts Programming Director at Ross Creek

Meet the Arts Programming Director at Ross Creek By Anna Horsnell Ian Funke-McKay seems the perfect fit for his new position as arts programming director at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Canning. His generous smile exudes enthusiasm while guiding visitors through the main facility, past gallery spaces and rehearsal halls and a group of home-schooled children here for an arts experience. He knows firsthand what this place offers. Having grown up in Scots Bay, he spent his summers immersed in the various youth programs at Ross Creek, and by 2013 was involved in facilitating a number of their…
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Dracula: Gothic Horror Classic Comes To Windsor!

Dracula: Gothic Horror Classic Comes To Windsor! By Mike Butler “I want your fear! For your fear, like a current, rushes through your body. Your fear makes your heart pound, it renders your veins rich and full. Your fear hemorrhages deliciously within you!” These brilliant, poetic words are the work of acclaimed author Bram Stoker, from his 1897 classic novel Dracula. Through Stoker’s words, the story of the most famous vampire ever leapt from the pages and burned itself into our literary culture. From the pages of the novel, the character of Dracula graced the silver screen in adaptation after…
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BEA Atlantic Film Series Presents City Dreamers in Wolfville

BEA Atlantic Film Series Presents City Dreamers in Wolfville Submitted Building Equality in Architecture Atlantic (BEA Atlantic) is proud to present the second feature in its film series which debuted in May 2019. The BEAA Film Series aims to bring films relevant to the architecture and design disciplines to Atlantic Canada, with a particular focus on the roles that women and other underrepresented groups have played in shaping the design professions. The film being presented for the October feature is City Dreamers, a film by Joseph Hillel, Maison 4:3 and Couzin Films. In City Dreamers we meet Phyllis Lambert, Blanche…
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Giving Light a Place to Perform

Giving Light a Place to Perform By Anna Horsnell For artist Catherine van der Woerd, colour and light truly lie at the heart of her creations. She paints with stained glass and the very nature of the medium comes to life with the changing light. Flickering, deepening, brightening with intensity, this is art that awakens with the sun. Her summer studio in Harbourville has large windows overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Inspiration surrounds her between the ever-changing sky and ocean, and the fields and forest framing her cottage. Van der Woerd’s artwork is properly described as glass on glass mosaic,…
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Young Picassos

Young Picassos By Laura Churchill Duke “It is never too early to introduce kids to art,” explains Laurie Dalton, director and curator of the Acadia Art Gallery. Many parents are nervous about taking their children to an art gallery. Is it appropriate? Will they be bored? Will they be the one to knock over the sculpture? Dalton gives the following tips: Bring a bag of colour swatches and shapes. Give each child a colour or shape and ask them to find something in the gallery that is the same shape or colour. Buy a postcard at the gift shop before…
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Indigenous Programming at Deep Roots

Indigenous Programming at Deep Roots By Genevieve Allen Hearn Eight years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be the student intern for the Deep Roots Music Festival. During my summer contract, I was tasked to work on the Indigenous programming for the event. You may remember, 2011 was the year celebrated indigenous singer Kinnie Starr and the indigenous band Digging Roots headlined. To complement the headlining acts, we had performers from Bear River lead the community in traditional song and dances in Clock Park, and at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. That experience opened up a whole new world to…
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The Wildlife Illustrations of Kaitlin Bauer

The Wildlife Illustrations of Kaitlin Bauer By Anna Horsnell We are not alone. Humans share planet Earth with a tremendous variety of other life forms. The animals around us look back at us, aware, holding us to account perhaps. Kaitlin Bauer is one who sees and pays homage through her fine wildlife drawings. The connection between animal and human is so often through the eyes, and Bauer understands that bond. Whether her subject is a great horned owl or a grizzly bear, she captures the direct stare or coy expression of the seemingly inattentive. She aims for the candid moment,…
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ArtCan News

ArtCan News As the summer season comes to a close we’re reflecting on all the exciting events we had the privilege of hosting at ArtCan: many of the Kitchen Parties with Kim Barlow – a lovely variety of musicians, poets and writers; 5 abstract artists from Annapolis Royal presented a beautiful show during the month of August, and many students have also been making great work in the studio. Thank you to all the fantastic artists for making such a memorable summer! ArtCan Café will continue to serve coffee and desserts throughout the fall, but the lunch service will end…
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I KNOW A PLACE By Ron Lightburn Batidinha A tranquil pond next to the Harvest Moon Trailway in Coldbrook. thelightburns.com Ron Lightburn’s art cards are now available at six locations in the Annapolis Valley: The Hardware Gallery, R.D. Chisholm, and the Kings County Museum in Kentville; The Port Pub, and Sea Level Brewing, Port Williams; and Saunders Tartans & Gifts, New Minas.